If you ever go to Cairo, you must visit the Al-Hussein Mosque.

People say that the Holy Quran at the Al Hussein Mosque is the oldest complete copy of the holy book.

It is also close to the Khan Khalili Bazaar, a popular place for Muslim and non-Muslim tourists to go to Mecca.

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Al-Hussein Mosque
Al-Hussein Mosque close to Khan El Khalili Bazaar

The area is popular with solo travelers and tour groups because it is in the middle of Khan Khalili and Old Cairo and is only 30 minutes from the city.


Al-Hussein Mosque
Interior design of Al-Hussein Mosque

On important days, essential people would pray at the Al Hussein Mosque. A lot of important people go to this Mosque. This is partly because the Mosque holds an original, valuable copy of the Holy Qur’an and has a long, exciting history. Hussien’s head’s marble, green, and silver tones protect his brain.

In 680 CE, the Umayyads, officially recognized as Mohammed’s successors, killed Hussein in Iraq. Hussein’s father was dead, even though Ali said he was Muhammed’s son-in-law. Hussein was killed by order of the Umayyads. In the end, the Umayyads were to blame for Hussein’s death.

Because of the caliphate war, Islam was divided for many decades.

Most practicing Muslims, called Sunnis (from the Arabic word for “followers”), accepted the Umayyad caliphate but forbade anyone with Ali’s ancestry to become caliph. Sunnis are just called “followers” in Arabic.

The Shia minority fought against the majority because they saw Hussein as a martyr and would not accept a leader who was not a direct descendant of Ali. Because of this, most people started to think of the Shia as a dangerous group, and people disagreed with them. Even though most Egyptians follow Sunni Islam, Hussein is still seen as a Saint in Egypt.

He is the second most famous Muslim in the world after the Prophet’s granddaughter, Saiyida Zeinab. The Prophet’s granddaughter was named Saiyida Zeinab.
The plaza in front of the Mosque looks very dramatic because ornamental umbrellas the size of giant umbrellas have been put there for several different reasons.

One of the main reasons is to protect Muslims praying outside the Mosque from the hot summer sun and any rain that might come.

The person who made these high-tech parasols thinks that the country’s many mosques gave them ideas for how to make them. Some sources [no citation given] say [not provided]

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