Bahariya Oasis The city of Bahariya, located in the middle of an oasis, appears to have been the first place where the Egyptians established a permanent settlement in the desert. If you leave Cairo and choose a good highway that is sometimes used by transport companies but is usually empty, you may reach your destination in four or five hours. Only 150 kilometers into the journey there is a barn-like cafe where you can stop to rest and have a drink (and a smaller cafe about 10 kilometers away).

French pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was one of the people on a plane that crashed in this area in 1935. And that’s where the thing happened. He was flying towards Wadi al-Natrun when he lost control of his plane. I crashed on the right side of the road to the airport. Exupery can get you in a dry climate with only a pint of coffee and oranges.

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After that, he went home and wrote a wonderful book about his adventures in the desert. It was called “Wind, Sand, and Stars” and was about his life in the desert. He called the book after some of the things he saw there.

Travelers from all over the world love to go on vacation to Bahariya Oasis. This is mostly because it is close to Cairo, the busy capital of Egypt. Most of the people who lived in Bahariya Oasis were solo and did well in the desert and valued their own space.

They have been a big part of creating a lot of new eco-spiritual communities and have maintained close ties to those that already exist. Due to the rise in the number of tourists, these tour companies now offer trips that include more than just a simple drive through the countryside.

As you get closer to Bahariya Oasis, you will eventually come across the small village of Al-Bawati. In the valley, where the oasis is, there are a number of beautiful towns. Some of these cities have been continuously inhabited since Roman times, while others have been continuously inhabited for a longer period.

Lots of ancient artifacts, including the so-called “golden mummies”, were found in Bahariya Oasis. Currently, many people live in Bahariya Oasis. Turn right at the intersection just before you enter the park to reach the Bawiti Museum. Follow this to get to the museum. Inside, you may find mummies that have been kept in good condition by the work of people who have been there before.

In some places, such as hotels and restaurants, there are shops where you can buy Bedouin scarves and rugs from the area. These stores seem to have everything else as well. Be on the lookout for hidden gems like antique stores and a neighborhood bakery, where locals may have their daily loaf of bread and other baked goods to take home.

The famous German paleontologist Erich Strömer found dinosaur bones here more than 150 years ago. Gebel Dest is one of the hills that can be found throughout the main metropolitan area. Spinosaurus, a carnivorous dinosaur with a body shape very similar to a dinosaur, was found due to his research.

People who watched the movie “Jurassic Park III” are likely familiar with Spinosaurus, the dinosaur that challenges a T-Rex to battle at the end of the movie. Spinosaurus is often used as a synonym for it because it was the first person to find it. There are a lot of interesting historical places in and around Bawiti.

After you’ve seen everything you see in the desert, you can bathe in one of the many hot springs that rise from the ground below the oasis to wash away the sand and dust it has picked up. These springs are located next to the oasis. After washing away the sand and dirt, you can relax in one of the pools heated by the springs.

Bahariya Oasis
Bahariya Oasis in the western desert of Egypt

Alexander the Great Temple:

Alexandria is a famous city in Egypt that dates back to the time of the pharaohs and is home to the temple of Alexander the Great. If you want to know more about the ancient history of Egypt, you have to go there. On the way from Bahariya to Siwa, you can see this unique building. It is the only building of its kind in Egypt that still stands and is still of the same type. Alexander the Great may have stopped at an oracle at Siwa on his way back to the navy.

This evidence supports this idea. You have finally passed the sad and scary Bawiti camp, and now you are in this place that marks the beginning of your journey to the Black Desert. The manganese in the black desert rocks turned black due to oxidation. The name “Black Desert” comes from the fact that these objects can be found there.

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