Cairo is the capital of Egypt and with its population of almost 20 million, it is even the second largest city of Africa after Lagos. The official name of Cairo Egypt is, “al-Qāhirah”, the literal meaning of this is the Conqueror or Vanquisher, The city occupies an area of about 528 square kilometers in northern Egypt, 120 km (75 mi) west of Gulf of Suez & Suez canal, 165 km (100 mi) south of the Mediterranean Sea and lies on both banks of the Nile River near the Nile delta.

Cairo city has its roots in the Memphis City, built by Menes who unified upper and lower Egypt, the city was founded in the 6th century  bc , when the Persians built a fortress on the southern side of what we know as a Cairo, the romans named this fortress the Babylon fortress  , with his desire to conquer Egypt , the Arabian General Amr ibn Al As came in the year 640, to this fortress, he founded al fustat city of tens , the first Islamic capital where he built the first mosque in Africa.Ibn Tulun created a small kingdom of his own out of a united Egypt ,the city was called Katai (al-Qatai, the districts, the wards or the plots),Ibn Tulun built a palace (qasr) at the foot of the Mukattam Hills, a garden, a racecourse and polo grounds, a zoo, a palace for his wives, baths, a hospital and rich houses for his staff.

In the year 969 Fatimid’s came to power an founded the new capital Cairo, the city is referred to as the city of 1000 minarets, due to numerous mosques, castles, located within it along with the world’s mosque Azhar Mosque , during the rule of the Fatimid dynasty, a general by the name of Jawhar established a new city called Al Qahirah (Cairo) which became the official capital of Egypt , in the 12th century salah el din conquered the Fatimids , an built a wall stretching nineteen kilometers around the city complete with gran , towering gates with in the city he built a great citadel high on a hillside, which was the center of rule for Egyptian authorities until  the 19th century ,in 1250 the mamelukes (slaves)the builders of the mosques , came to power in Egypt , inn 1515 the Turkish ottomans wage war against the mamelukes, in 1517, al Muayyd the last Mameluke Sultan was hung at the mosque al Muayyad near the wall of the southern gate of Cairo (bab zuweila)  In  1811, Muhammad Ali held a party in the citadel to which he invited the last 500 mamelukes , an massacred them all, Muhammed Ali came to be known as the founder of modern Egypt, he ruled Egypt from 1805 until his death in 1848, The 20th century was a period of vast and speedy expansions for Cairo.

Cairo Egypt is home to one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, the great pyramids of Giza ,sphinx , And The Egyptian museum which  houses an unbelievable exhibit depicting ancient Egypt’s glorious reign. Cairo city also combines a variety of religious monuments and the three heavenly messages Islam, Christianity and Judaism. You will find first mosque in Africa (Amr Ibn as mosque ), on this land Moses was raised and spread his massage (Ben Ezra synagogue ) Joseph was raised and his vision became reality, here is the holy family found refuge and protection, in this place came Jesus himself and his mother our lord Mary and Joseph carpenter , they escaped from roman discrimination ,in a celestial dream the were told escape to Egypt land , Here you will find the cave where the holy family dwelled for 3 months), where you’ll visit The Hanging Church, Abu Sirga Church, Be witness for Cairo civilization and culture That will last for thousands of years with United Guides Travel .