Egypt’s Coptic Cairo population is concentrated in the city of Cairo.

The following topics are covered:

  • The history of Egyptian Christians, or Copts, is fascinating.

  • There might be some well-known tourist spots in the area.

  • A story told in the air about the early Christian church.

  • Other places of worship in the area include the Church of Saint George and the Synagogue of Ben Ezra.

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How the Ancient City of Coptic Cairo Evolved Over Time

Coptic Cairo
Coptic museum in Coptic Cairo

Ancient Egypt, also called “Old Cairo,” is an old part of Cairo and a beautiful blend of Egyptian and Islamic pharaonic history.

It is also one of the best places to visit in the city.

When it was built in the 6th century BC, it was the meeting place of Egypt and Babylonia in Egypt. Not too far away was the Egyptian version of Babylon.

There are Roman fortifications, but what brings people in are the winding streets with old churches and the oldest synagogue in Egypt.

In 642, Amr ibn al-Aas, founder of Cairo, built the city’s first mosque. It was not too far from where Cairo was first established.

Commonly visited attractions

When you first walk into Coptic Cairo, you’ll see two Roman towers built by Emperor Trajan in 130 AD as part of the city’s defenses and some ruins of Babylon within the walls. As part of the defenses, these towers were built in AD 130. Egypt

Behind these fortifications is the splendid Coptic Museum, which has just reopened after being repaired to display an overview of Coptic art from Greco-Roman to early Islamic times (from around 300 to 1000 AD).

Many experts believe that the first time we see images of the cross, of the Virgin Mary and the baby Christ, were in ancient Egyptian art.

The ancient Copts left behind a dizzying array of historical tapestries, some of which can be seen in the museum’s upper gallery.

The historic context of dangling churches

Coptic Cairo
The Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo

From here, you can go into the alley that leads to the al Muallaqa Church, also known as the “Hanging Church,” which is only a few steps away from the restaurant. You can see the church built on top of a Roman fort from behind.

You can buy touristy items with a Coptic design near the building’s entrance, which is reached by a spiral staircase.

Some Copts agree that the church was started in the 7th century, while others say it has been around for much longer.

The three Haikals are hidden behind cedar paneling, a wooden Ark-like canopy, a pulpit held up by 12 pillars with pictures of the Apostles, and some extraordinary 13th-century panels made of bone and ivory. Because the church is in a remote place, it is often forgotten (altars).

In town, there is a church called St. George.

The church of Abu Sarga, which is also called Saint Sergius, is the city’s oldest building. It was built in the 5th century. It is said that when the Holy Family was in exile in Egypt, they slept in the crypt of this building. The Holy Family was present when Jesus was born.

If you go to the convent’s St. George’s Chapel to ask the nuns for their blessing, they could tie your hands and feet behind your back.

Ben Ezra

Coptic Cairo
Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo Egypt

Even though there aren’t as many Jews as there used to be, the Ben Ezra Synagogue at the other end of the street has been carefully brought back to the glory it had when it was first built.

This building was first built as a church, but in the 11th century, it was changed into a mosque. Cario is where all of the nearby Coptic churches are, and the inside of Cario looks a lot like the insides of those churches.

It is said that the prophet Jeremiah preached here, at this same spot, in the sixth century B.C. Coptic legends also say that this is the place in Egypt where Moses was found as an infant.

What’s Important to Know

Coptic Cairo
Saint menas mar mina in Coptic Cairo

People who follow the Coptic religion believe that they come from the pharaohs. You must go to a Coptic Mass at the Hanging Church in Egypt. Between 8:00 and 11:00 in the morning when these get-togethers take place. Every Saturday and Sunday of the week

Many of the sounds you hear now have their roots in ancient Egypt’s instruments, music, and language.

People in the area get together on June 1 for a ceremony to remember when the Holy Family lived there. potential that hasn’t been fulfilled yet

Just inside the main entrance of the Hanging Church, on the right side, is a beautiful icon from the 10th century of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child. In both of their looks, there are signs that they come from Egypt.

Behind St. Barbara’s church, which was built in the 1100s, there was a secret Christian cemetery along one of the alleys. Behind the chapel was a place for people to be buried.

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