Egyptian Creation Myth of Heliopolis

The Ennead of Heliopolis was a group of nine deities in Egyptian myths worshiped at Heliopolis were the center of the Egyptian Creation Myth according to the Egyptians.

Creation story before the invention of time, In the darkness, was a primordial hill Known as the Ben-Ben, In the beginning, there was the god Atum, source of all generated being, having nobody, nor shape, the universe was full of endless dark waters and swirling chaos. Atum rose out of the primeval ocean, called Nun, in the process a mound was formed, sitting on it Atum created out of himself, the deities Shu (air) and Tefnut (humidity) The latter two created Geb and Nut, respectively god of earth and goddess of heaven.

The marriage of Geb and Nun has produced for children, Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys, However Shu separated Nut and Geb into heaven and earth, Osiris his sister isis whilst set, the god of anger and war, married Nephthys, as time passed by set became more and more jealous of Osiris and his throne, so he devised a cowardly plan against his.

He designed a golden sarcophagus which he presented during a party with 72 guests, he made a pet, saying that the one who fitted Inside would receive it, of course, it was a perfect fit for Osiris, when Osiris tried the sarcophagus set immediately slammed the heavy golden lid, sealed the sarcophagus and pushed it into the Nile, highly amused, he watched as the coffin drifted away from Egypt and how Osiris was accordingly condemned to a slow death, Isis searched in vain for her missing husband in the north, west, and south, until she found the sarcophagus containing his body in the east in Lebanon, with her magical powers she brought his spirit to life and she became pregnant. set was outraged at the return of Osiris he then murdered Osiris, chopped his body into 42 pieces, and spread these all over Egypt.

Isis collected the pieces of the corpse one by one, reassembled, embalmed, and mummified them, due to that Osiris was doomed to stay forever god of the underworld, towered the end of her pregnancy to escape from a set, Isis retired to the swamps of the Nile of the delta.

Horus was born and raised to take vengeance on his uncle set for the murder of his father. Horus challenged set to a fight but being too young, he was unable to rival the monstrous strength of the god of war, during the battle set cut out one of Horus’s eyes.

Isis came to her sons’ aid and with her magical power, she healed Horus wound and transformed set into a hippopotamus all of a sudden, set was Defenseless against the Rage of Horus and he fled into the reed land of the Nile, set has been hated as a personification of evil ever since. At last, Horus took back the throne, his legitimate and paternal inheritance and he ruled over both upper and lower Egypt 

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