The Edfu Temple can be seen near Luxor on the banks of the Nile, and it is often considered one of the most beautiful and well-kept examples of Egyptian architecture. Anyone can come to the Temple at any time to look around. The building is called the “Temple of Horus” because it was built to honor the god who is shown riding a falcon.

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Edfu Temple
Entrance to Edfu Temple

It takes about the same time to drive there from Luxor or Aswan, and the only way to get there from the Nile is to take an overnight cruise leaving Luxor.


Edfu Temple
Interior design of Temple of Edfu

People generally agree that the Ptolemaic Temple at Edfu, about 65 miles (105 km) north of Aswan, is one of the best examples of Egyptian architecture. You can get to Edfu by driving about 105 kilometers (65 miles). Even though the exact date of construction is unknown, it is thought to have happened between 257 BC and 337 BC.

Visitors will find it much easier to understand how ancient Egyptian temples were built and what they were used for because of the building’s traditional Pharaonic style and the plaques that have been put on the walls.

Horus, the falcon god, and Seth, the sphinx god, fought here to see who would be in charge of the whole universe. Horus did win in the end. Because of this, the location was chosen. You can find the entrance to the Temple by going all the way around the building and looking in the back corner.

It is suggested to start at a place easy to get to, like the First Pylon, which two falcons watch over. Inside the Temple, you can see sculptures of Horus and Hathor getting married at the Festival of the Beautiful Meeting, which is held yearly at Dendera. When the Pharaohs were in charge of Egypt, they made these sculptures. These pieces of art show how these two gods came to be together.

A smaller room that serves as extra space is decorated with pictures of the Festival Hall from different times in its history and smells of other things. During the New Year’s celebrations, the statue of Horus was taken to the roof to get some much-needed sunlight and get its energy back to where it should be. You could see the British Horus drinking his mother Isis’s breast milk because he was doing it while playing outside the Temple.

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