Learn all about Egypt Cities and the most popular tourist attractions that must be consider when you Book Tour Egypt. Discover  CairoLuxorAswan, the Red Sea and more places that are must to be included on any trip to Egypt.

Egypt Cities & Top Attractions

Red Sea Tours

The Red Sea is a narrow Seawater strip and inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying on the eastern border of Egypt between Africa and Asia. It is extended southeast from Suez, Egypt, near the Eastern Desert and south of the Sinai Peninsula, for about 1,200 miles (1,930 km) to the Bab El-Mandeb Strait by the Arab Sea. It runs from the Gulf of Suez, and its harbors, which are one of the major attractions of tourism of Egypt, besides its rich history dating back to thousands of years. 

Aswan Tours

Aswan situated on the eastern bank of the Nile 899 km south of Cairo, 220Km (137 miles) to the south of Luxor. Aswan takes its name from the ancient Egyptian word “Swan”, meaning “the market”. Aswan is considered the most beautiful winter resort not only in Egypt but also in the whole world as it is distinguished by its fascinating nature and serenity far from the bustle of the cities, and its warm weather which is characterized by dryness and sunshine throughout the year.

Oasis Tours

Dazzling Oasis is the combination of a human settlement with a cultivated area in a desert or semi-desert environment, such a perfect habitat for animals and spontaneous plants. The Egyptian Oases are spread across the Western Desert with a series of large depressions, some of them fed by artesian wells and support agricultural communities.

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