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Cairo Day Tours are the most common kind of trip that people in Egypt choose to take. This is because Cairo is in the geographic center of Egypt, and most of its people live close to the city. When you take day trips from Cairo to see the city, you will meet Egyptians who are not only very friendly but also very funny. Your journey out of Cairo for the day will be fun.

Cairo is the best choice for many Egyptian tourists booking city tours because it is the country’s capital, where most travelers from all over the world live, and where the country’s heart and mind are. Cairo is one of the world’s most important places to visit, and it has a lot of exciting and fun things to see.

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Visiting the great pyramids and the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, Saladin Citadel, the Coptic Cairo, and Islamic landmarks, including Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue.

Al Muizz Street is one of the most well-known places for tourists in all of Cairo. It has a long history that goes back to the Fatimids and even the Mamluks. It is a vast, open-air exhibition hall about Islamic architecture. In the 1980s, UNESCO designated this area as a World Heritage Site on its list of protected places.

You can extend day trips from Cairo to see other great places, like Alexandria to see the Library of Alexandria, Pompey’s pillar, the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa or the Red Sea cities of HurghadaSharm el Sheikh and Marsa Alam

You also can trips to Luxor and Aswan, you can see Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Hatshepsut Temple, Philae Temple, Aswan High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, Abu Simbel Temple, and much more.

We offer a wide variety of Cairo tours that you can take from Cairo to see all the great things the city has to offer. If you move quickly, you can see all of Cairo’s most famous places in just two days. You can choose a day trip from Cairo from the list below. These and many more sights and activities are part of our private day trips in Cairo. We will do everything we can to ensure that your time in Cairo, from the moment you land at the airport until the moment you leave, is one you will never forget.

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Top Day Tours in Cairo

Egyptian Museum and Giza Pyramids Tour

Try our tour of the Egyptian Museum and the Giza Pyramids to learn about the ancient history of the Pharaohs. We have many options for people who want to see the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum, all of which can be seen from a panoramic spot at the Pyramids.
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Sound and Light Show Pyramids

Book Online Today for a Luxurious Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids! Enjoy a sound and light performance that will blow you away. The Giza Pyramids The Pyramid Light Show lets you see how ancient Egypt was lit up. Learn more about the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx by coming to our Sound and Light Show at the Giza Pyramids.
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Egyptian Museum, Islamic Art & Civilization Museum

Whether It’s your first time in Cairo or you’re a repeat visitor, Experience Egyptian museum, Islamic art Museum & Civilization museum and hear the epic stories behind Museums in Cairo. This fully-Guided tour will take you to see the various artifacts from different eras, Explore the rich history and culture of the city with our.
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Alexandria Day Tour from Cairo

On your Alexandria Day Tour from Cairo, go to the Catacombs of Kom El-Shuqqafa and then to the Alexandria Library, which is the most famous library in Alexandria. Move on to Pompey's Pillar, which is a group of huge, single-piece pillars. The Alexandria Day Tour from Cairo also stops at the ancient defensive castle of Qaitbay.
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Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo Tour

Enjoy the Egyptian Museum and the Old Cairo Tour, which stops at the Hanging Church, the Abu Sirga Church, and the Synagogue of Old Cairo. We have more than 250,000 real artifacts on display, like his death mask and coffins made of gold.
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St Catherine Monastery Tour from Cairo

Learn about the long history of the St. Catherine Monastery by taking a tour of it. Climb Moses Mountain with the St. Catherine Monastery. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, which is a holy place that anyone can go to. On a two-day tour to St. Catherine Monastery, one of the oldest and most beautiful monasteries in the world, you can watch the sunrise over Moses Mountain.
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Quad Bike Adventures at Pyramids

Immerse yourself in the dazzling landscape of the Pyramids desert with Quad bike Adventures at pyramids. Ride an ATV quad bike in the desert around the Pyramids of Giza. You can enjoy a Camel ride, don’t miss to snap amazing photos during your tour.
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Al Minya Day Trip from Cairo

Enjoy a day trip to Al Minya, one of the governorates in Upper Egypt, and tours to Beni Hassan, where you can see beautiful Pharaonic tombs decorated with paintings and sketches. Next, you should go to the old city of Hermopolis (El-ashmonen). The Al Minya Day Trip from Cairo also goes to Tell Al Amarna, which used to be the capital of Akhinaton.
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Felucca Ride in Cairo

Felucca Ride Cairo can help you unwind and calm down. Use your time in Cairo to the fullest by taking a Felucca ride around the city. You can watch the sun rise and feel its warmth, or you can take a cruise on the Felucca Boat at night. Cairo is known as the "city that never sleeps," so don't miss the chance to see all the amazing and colorful sights at night!
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Tanoura Show at Wekalet El Ghouri

The Tanoura Show is at Wekalet El Ghouri. On one of our trips there, you can see the magic of Wekalet El Ghouri, be amazed by the Tanoura Show, and learn about old ways of life. Take a walk through Khan El Khalili and Wekalet El Ghouri, a unique place in the heart of Islamic Cairo where you can see the amazing Tanoura Show by the whirling dervishes.
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Dahshur Countryside Day Tour

Experience rural life and discover the ancient sites with our Dashur Countryside Day Tour, scout The Bent Pyramid at Dahshur, then the Red Pyramid, relax at Dahshur countryside enjoying memorable Dahshur Rural Tours with our.
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Camel or Horse Riding at Giza Pyramids

You can have fun at the Giza Pyramids by riding a camel or a horse. Visit the Valley Temple, which may have been used in the mummification process, and then ride a camel or a horse in the desert for about three hours.
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Islamic and Coptic Cairo Tour

Explore the most well-known places in Cairo, such as Islamic Cairo, Coptic Cairo, and the Khan Al Khalili. First, come with us on a fun tour of Islamic Cairo that stops at the Salah El Din Citadel. Next, learn about Old Cairo's past. Take in the amazing views from Ben Ezra and The Hanging Church. You can also buy souvenirs at Khan El Khalili.
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Tour from Cairo to Fayoum

Take a trip from Cairo to Fayoum to see historic ruins from the Pharaonic and Greco-Roman times, as well as beautiful natural scenery, waterwheels, and the beautiful lakes of Qaroun and Ain El Selection.
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Dahshur and Sakkara Tours

The exciting Dahshur and Sakkara Tours will take you to Egypt's third-largest pyramid, the Bent Pyramid, and the Red Pyramid, which will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will then go to Saqqara to see the Step Pyramid.
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Luxor Tours from Cairo by Plane

Plane tours from Cairo to the ancient city of Luxor are a fun way to get there. After you've been to Luxor, go to the Karnak Temple on the East Bank. The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon are both on the West Bank.
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Pyramids of Giza, Memphis and Sakkara

Consider going to Egypt to see the Pyramids of Giza, Memphis, and Sakkara for a trip you won't forget. On a Memphis and Sakkara Tour, you can see Memphis and Sakkara, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Great Sphinx of Giza. and the Step Pyramids
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Dahshur, Sakkara and Memphis Tours

Our most popular tours include trips to Dahshur, Sakkara, and Memphis. Take a look at Dahsur's Red and Bent Pyramids for some inspiration. Our Sakkara Tours include a visit to the Step Pyramid, and our Memphis Tours will leave you awestruck. The open-air museum in Memphis, which served as a cultural epicenter for more than three millennia, features the Ramses II monument.
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Overnight Luxor Tours from Cairo by plane

If you want to get away from the busy Egyptian capital city of Cairo for a night or two and do something fun and exciting, look no further than our overnight tours to Luxor from Cairo to the East and West Bank. The Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple are part of our overnight tours by plane from Cairo to Luxor.
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Wadi El Natrun Monastery Tour from Cairo

You may visit Wadi El Natrun Monastery and learn more about it. On our Wadi El Natrun Monastery Tour from Cairo, you'll get to see the four most notable monasteries in the area.
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Trip to Fayoum and Valley of the Whales

Wadi Hitan is a paleontology site where you can see a lot of fossils from the time when whales were just starting to evolve. Wadi el Rayan is a nice place to relax and watch waterfalls.
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Private Half Day Tour to Pyramids of Giza

In Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza Tour is a great way to learn about Egypt's past. The Valley Temple, the Pyramids of Giza, Cheops, Chephren, Mykerinus, and the Sphinx are all stops on the Pyramids of Giza Tour. We offer high-end trips to Cairo that show off the ancient Egyptians' amazing achievements.
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Memphis and Sakkara Tour

Visit the Sakkara Pyramid and Memphis, where Ptah was the most important pagan god. Enjoy your Memphis and Sakkara Tours and many other Cairo Excursions with as. Memphis and Sakkara are roughly in the middle of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.
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Dinner Cruise in Cairo

During a romantic dinner cruise in Cairo with As, you can eat from an open buffet while Tanoura dancers spin on stage to traditional Sufi music. Before dinner on our Cairo Meal Cruise, belly dancers do their thing.
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Siwa Tours From Cairo

We can get you from Cairo to Siwa by plane. Stop at El Alamein on the way to Siwa to see the city's main sights. When you look at Siwa Oasis from Cairo, you will be amazed. Siwa, Egypt, is a great place to visit, and we have many options for people who want to see everything the area has to offer.
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Pharaonic Village Tour In Cairo

The Pharaonic Village Tour in Cairo gives you the chance to see the past come alive. Watch a simulation with details of the Ancient Egyptian daily life. Explore the range of Pharaonic attractions such as the Tomb of Tutankhamun, Islamic Exhibit, Nasser’s Exhibit, Art Center. There are loads of little models on ancient villages display various activities of ancient Egyptian life and techniques of crafts.
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Very well organized and Milad, our guide, was fantastic. I will definetely go back to Egypt.Thank you Milad.

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I have had a good experience with this company. The Staff are professional and very organised.

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Egypt Tours FAQs:

Egypt is a safe country to visit with a notable low crime rate, tourist attractions are well secured and there is no common negative attitude towards foreigners, with some sensible precautions and preparations you will feel at home and as safe as you’ll ever be.

The best time to visit Egypt is in autumn (September – November) and spring (February – April). The weather is relatively cold from December to January, except in the south, where winter is very mild. Sometimes summer should be avoided for climatic reasons. Cairo is hot and attractive in most of June through August, and most residents spend their holidays during this period, if possible. Upper Egypt and even the Red Sea coast can be uncomfortably hot during the summer.

There are a lot of things to do for a foreign traveler in Egypt. Apart from visiting and seeing ancient Egyptian temples and ancient artifacts in ancient Egypt, there is also plenty to see inside each city. In fact, every city in Egypt has its own charm of the things you see through its history, culture, activities, and people who are often different from their nature from people from other parts of Egypt. Cairo, for example, has a lot to do and see. Besides ancient Egyptian history, there is the history of the Romans, Greeks, Byzantine Empire, Islamic Empire, Ottomans and finally the modern history of Egypt.

You can buy most things in Egypt but there are some things that you should bring with you if you want, such as sunscreen, a full hat to protect your face from the sun, a lock for your luggage and any medications you take except for course banned drugs. Egyptian pharmacies are very good, but the drug may be subject to names unknown to you. A pair of comfortable walking shoes is indispensable for wandering the ancient Egyptian archaeological sites. Do not forget that the most important thing to bring with you is the camera in order to take memorable pictures. Good luck and we hope you enjoy your trip and have a great time.

Many women travel alone to Egypt and find that they are safe. The tourism and military police are always close to all tourist places, and the Egyptians themselves are generally safe and trying to protect individual travelers. On the whole, Egypt is safer for individual travelers in more places like Greece, Italy or Spain. Please make sure to take the same precautions you would take anywhere else and do not tend to walk in the deserted areas alone: ​​take a taxi to your residence! You may receive some invitations, all of which are innocent, that doesn’t accept any of these from strangers.

Visitors to Egypt must obtain a visa from one of the Egyptian diplomatic missions or apply and pay online for one month's visa to Egypt through Egypt E-Visa Portal. A valid Passport with 6 months validity beyond your travel schedule is a must, for visitors from Australia, Canada, Croatia, European Union, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States can purchase a one month visa upon arrival.