Egypt Nightlife differs from anything else and gives you feelings you’ve never had. When people come here, they will have an experience they will never forget. If you have a chance, save it because you never know when another one will come along.

It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that Egypt is full of mysticism. There is something for everyone to do on a trip to this area, whether you want to learn about the history and see excellent sites, relax in the great weather, or learn about a different culture. In all of these ways, this area has something to offer. All of these things and more can be found in Egypt. 

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Is there a lively scene Nightlife in Egypt?

The Nile of Egypt at Night
Nile Felucca at Night

Most tourist spots in Egypt are only open during the day, so first-time visitors may need help knowing where to go at night to have fun. Suppose you are traveling to Egypt with your family or friends. In that case, consider going to one of the many famous landmarks that each city is known for instead of going to different nightclubs and missing out on the beauty of the town and the friendliness of the Egyptian people. 

In this essay, I’ll talk about seven places that need more attention but are perfect for most people who want to go on vacation. This is a unique guide for Nightlife in Egypt written by someone who knows the country well, and it will show you Egypt in a way you’ve never seen before.

Best 14 Activities for Egypt Nightlife

1. Sound and Light Giza Pyramids 

The Pyramids Sound and Light Show
The Pyramids Sound and Light Show.

Many people think the Sound and Light Show at the Giza Pyramids is the nighttime event that brings the most people to Egypt. Even though you went to the Giza Pyramids during the day, you still need to see everything there is to see.

This sound and light show is an excellent chance for the audience to learn something. Seeing the Sphinx explain the mysteries of ancient history is an exciting thing to do because of the lighting and laser projections that are used.

A story about the ancient Egyptians that is written in English: but if you don’t speak English, you’ll get a translation headset for free if you talk about a language other than English.

2. Night Show in Cairo Opera

Cairo Opera House Show
Cairo Opera House Show.

The best thing to do in Cairo Nightlife is to see a show in Egypt. It would be best if you went to the Cairo Opera House. Since 1988, when it opened its doors, this massive opera complex has been open for business. It has a music library, an art gallery, a museum, and seven different theaters of different sizes. The theater shows not only opera but also ballet, musicals, concerts, plays, and other kinds of performing arts. Due to its vast size, the Main Hall has enough room for up to 1200 people to sit comfortably during opera, symphonic music, and ballet performances. Smaller venues have better sound and give the audience a more personal experience. You can find both a museum and an art gallery at this place. At Cairo’s Open-Air Theater, 600 people can watch world-class performances simultaneously. This lets everyone enjoy the beauty of the city all year.

The Cairo Opera Company, the National Arab Music Ensemble, the Cairo Opera Choir, and the Cairo Symphony Orchestra all call the opera house in Cairo home. The Cairo Opera Ballet Company is also based in the opera building. On Gezira Island in the middle of the Nile is the National Egyptian Museum of Modern Art. The museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens where people can relax and enjoy the view. Dress up and go to the theatre for a fun night out!

3. Night Walking on El Muizz street

Egypt Nightlife
Walking in Al Muizz street at night

El Muizz Street is one of the oldest streets in Cairo and Egypt. Walking down it, you might learn something about the city’s long and fascinating past. Impressive monuments and buildings from the time of Egypt’s pharaohs line both sides of the street the whole way down and up.

Bab al-Futuh is the entrance to the city, and Bab Zuweila is at the other end of the road. Many of Cairo’s most famous landmarks, like the Mosque of Al-Hakim bi Amr Allah (1030), the Mausoleum of Sultan Al-Ghuri (1505), the Hammam of Sultan Inal (1456), and many more, can be found along this busy boulevard, which is also called Qasaba, which means “center of the city.” It would help if you went to Bayt al-Suhaymi when the moon is full. This famous building dates back to the time of the Ottoman Empire, but it needs better architecture.

4. See Cairo from the Top

Nightlife in Cairo
Fantastic view from Cairo Tower

The giant skyscraper in the country is the Cairo Tower, of the top things to do in Cairo Nightlife, which stands about 614 feet high. The famous high-rise building was finished in 1961, and an architect named Naoum Shebib came up with the idea for it. Its concrete latticework on the outside has both new and old architectural features.

It towers over the city below. The tower’s complicated shape is meant to look like a pharaonic lotus plant, a symbol of importance in Egyptian religion. Egypt at night, bright lights shine on the tower so that you can see it anywhere in Cairo. You’ll want to remember those pictures when you stand on the sixteenth floor and look down at the city. At the top of the tower, you can watch the sun go down, and the city lights come on from the observation deck and restaurant that moves around. Learning about what Cairo offers will change how you think about the city for good. You can see how beautiful it is as you fly over the Nile.

5. Shopping in Khan El Khalili 

Egypt Nightlife
Shopping at Khan El Khalili Bazaar

You’ve probably heard of the famous Khan el Khalili market, which is inside the old city walls of Cairo. Middle Eastern markets are a treasure trove of authentic Egyptian culture, with many antique shops, bazaars, and cafes. It is right in the middle of the tourism business in Cairo. It is at the top list to do in Cairo Nightlife.

In the middle of Islamic Cairo is the Khan el Khalili market, built on the burial site used by the Fatimid Caliphs in the past. When people go to the market, they can see how gold traders, coppersmiths, and spice sellers spend their days. You can find many kinds of lanterns, candles, jewelry, perfumes, and musical instruments at the market.

Tourists could also try a new type of food at one of the local restaurants or eat at one of the many food trucks or cafés in the area. It would help if you spent some time at the market because there are so many things to see and do there. People will have a great time, and when they leave, they will beg for more.

6. Tanoora show in Wekalet El Ghouri

Nightlife in Egypt
Tanoora Show in Wekalet El Ghouri

During your time in Cairo, you must see the famous Wekalet El Ghouri, which Sultan Ashraf Qaansuh built during the Mamluk era. This archaeological site dates back to the 16th century and is visited by tourists annually; it shows how the city has changed over time. Every day, much different art and history shows draw huge crowds. There are gift shops that are easy to get to, making it easier to buy something to remind you of the area. The main things to see and do are a show of sounds and lights and a performance by the Tanoora Dance Group. Learn as much as you can about the country’s creative works, musical traditions, and folk songs. The interesting Tanoora dance, done by Tanoorat people in traditional clothes, is about the four seasons.

7. Felucca Riding at Night

Cairo Nightlife
Riding a Felucca at Night

Feluccas are traditional wooden boats used for a long time to get around on the Nile. Think about the Nile’s role, in general, in shaping Egyptian culture and history. Because the Nile River constantly flooded the same area, called the Nile Delta, it was suitable for farming in ancient Egypt. Early Egyptian culture grew along the Nile River, leading to a unique civilization. Not only is the Nile an essential part of ancient Egyptian mythology, but it is also an important part of Egypt’s religion.

When you’re in a felucca going down the Nile, it’s easy to think about what life was like when the Pharaohs were in charge. Cushions, pillows, and large canvas umbrellas can provide shade and relaxation for people on open-deck boats. Most people who ride Egypt’s old sailboats are tourists and visitors on short trips of up to a few hours. When a felucca is sailing over calm water, the people on board can lie in their sleeping bags and look at the stars in the sky.

8. Dinner at the Nile Cruise Boat

Egypt Nightlife
Dinner at the Nile while cruising

A dinner cruise down the Nile on a moonlit night feels like something out of a fairy tale because the view of the river and the city seems to go on forever. The best thing to do in Egypt nightlife. After spending the day taking in the city’s bright colors, there is nothing better than sitting outside with a delicious meal and a soft breeze to help you unwind and relax. The evening dinner cruise is an hour long and includes traditional belly dancing, Tanura shows, buffets of Egyptian food, and live music. We’ll pick you up at your hotel and take you back after your evening on the Nile, making the experience even more carefree and peaceful than it already is.

9. Ride at Night Horse Carriage

Egypt Nightlife
Take a chance to explore pyramids through a Horse carriage

Hantoor rides, also called horse-drawn carriage rides, have been very popular in Egypt for a long time. This is because Egypt’s former colonial rulers gave them as a gift to interested foreign guests. You can find much of it near the Cairo Tower, one of the city’s most popular places. When you spend the evening walking around the city with your love, you’ll feel like you’ve returned in time. It’s not a good idea to plan a ride before finding out the hantoor and how the horse is doing. You could also talk to the front desk of your hotel about getting a local Hantoor to pick you up and drop you off at the hotel after your trip.

10. Safari Trip through Sunset

Egypt Nightlife
Quad Biking in Sharm El Sheikh

If you like to take risks, go on a safari at sunset. You can ride dune buggies and quad bikes in the desert. On some trips, traditional Bedouin tea is served in a tent, and camel rides are offered at the same place. Look at the horizon as the sun starts to go down, and the line between the blue sky and the white dunes of the desert starts to get darker.

11. The Nightlife of Bedouin dinner 

Nightlife in Egypt
Take a chance to experience the Bedouin dinner

This one-of-a-kind meal will amaze even the most experienced gourmet. Book a spot at a Bedouin dinner show and eat a Bedouin barbecue to fill your stomach. See, hear, and smell everything there is to see, hear, and smell in a Bedouin village.

12. Sound and Light Show in Karnak Temple

Nightlife in Egypt
Light and sound show in the Temple of Karnak

A fun sound and light show at Karnak. At night, a multimedia show lights up the Karnak Temple and takes you back to see everything about the temple and how people lived in Ancient Egypt. This show will tell you more about what the great Pharaohs did and how they built the Glory Temple, the only one of its kind still standing from the ancient world. To know more about ancient Egypt, this should be on the top list in your Egypt Nightlife.

13. Philae Temple Sound and Light Show

Egypt Nightlife
Sound and Light show in Philae Temple

The Sound and Light Show at Philae Temple is a must-see. Learn how the Temple of Philae was moved from Philae Island to Egilica Island, stone by stone, when the Nile flooded. Our sound and light show at the Philae Temple will amaze you. The temple was a prominent place where people bought and sold ivory, which is why the show is called “Sound and Light.” Because the temple is on an island, a lot of work was done to fix the temple in the 1960s. The temple had to be moved stone by stone to a higher spot because the Nile flooded for six months out of the year. We put on a show different from anything else on the market by walking around the temples and gardens and telling the story of Isis, the goddess to whom the temple is dedicated.

14. Alf Leila wa Leila show

Nightlife in Egypt
Alf Leila wa Leila Show

Enjoy a fantastic evening of entertainment with the Alf Leila Wa Leila Show, the best nightlife in Egypt. See stunning performances from the history of the Arab world and Egypt while also learning about the Arabian Nights. Learn more about the endearing Egyptian myth while seeing an exotic display with domes of color you’ve never seen before. You may see several exhibitions dedicated to Osiris and Isis, as well as the intriguing Bedouin horse show and dance.

Discover the exciting Nightlife in Egypt.

When someone talks about Egypt, the first things that come to mind are pyramids, dunes, pharaohs, and hieroglyphics. It’s hard to imagine Egypt as a place with a modern way of life, lots of tourist attractions, trendy pubs and clubs, and other facilities like these. It’s not where people come together to think of new ideas, that’s for sure. Now that we know that, let’s talk about some other things to which you already know the answers.

Egypt is a great place to go if you want to party until the morning. Egypt’s nights are usually full of people and things to do. There is a list of the best places to go out at night and to see sights. Find out what makes Egypt’s nightlife so exciting and interesting, and then tell us what you found. Plan through Egypt Day Tours the perfect night out and get ready to have fun. 

What is the Best time to Visit Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is in the spring, between March and May, or in the fall, between September and November, when the heat is better.

Tips for traveling in Egypt

  • Avoid the months of July and August, when it can get as hot as 50 C at night and 38 C during the day.
  • Only leave the house with a water bottle, so you don’t get thirsty. And, of course, don’t even think about asking for ice or drinking water that isn’t in a bottle.
  • Taxis don’t have meters, or if they do, they don’t use them. To avoid surprises, talk to the driver ahead of time about how much the trip will cost.
  • Try to talk to the Egyptian people. They are friendly and have a great sense of humor, and they will show you a different side of the country.
  • Tolerance, patience, and a willingness to learn. You’re going to a country where customs are very different from those in the West. Don’t try to change them. Don’t be surprised to see a burqa, and don’t get mad when men grab you, when there’s a lot of traffic, or when vendors insist.