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Choose your Tour’s Egypt package Day Tours based on your own interests, budget, needs, and time.

Simply, we will do our best to serve you and make your tour a memorable one. In Cairo Egypt Tours Day , Luxor Egypt Tours, Aswan Egypt Tours Day, Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt Day Tours , Alexandria Egypt Tours Day , Marsa Alam Egypt Tours, Makadi, Book with Egypt Tours Day. Book Now! With Our Egypt Day Tours!


Why you should make Egypt your next tour destination?

Egypt is One of the oldest civilizations in the world, its ancient treasures, and interesting history make Egypt Tours a definite bucket list topper to visit.


Here are our top 5 reason’s why you should make Egypt your next tour destination:


  1. Our Egypt Day Tours with gaze at the impressive pyramids.
  2. Cruise down the Nile with Our Egypt Tours.
  3. With our Egypt  Day Tours , we can visit the Temples.
  4. Take a swim in the Sea with Our Egypt Tours.
  5. Our Egypt Day Tours Fills your plate with Egyptian Food.



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This is perfect weather for soaking up sun rays and snorkeling, however, from October to February which is Egypt’s winter months, the weather is cooler with the chance of some rain. 

In comparison to most European countries, the temperatures are still warm and activities such as diving can be done year-round. United Guides Travel Egypt Tours offers much more. Book Now! With Our Egypt Day Tours!

Things Not To Miss in Egypt Day Tours With United Guides Travel Egypt Tours:

  • United Guides Travel Egypt Day Tours We visit one of the seven wonders of the World, the Great Pyramids of Giza.
  • Cruise the longest river in the world, the Nile River! with United Guide Egypt Day Tours
  • United Guides Egypt Tours Wander through the ancient temple complex Abu Simbel which has been cut into the solid rock cliff.
  • We take a ride on a Felucca, a traditional wooden sailboat, and soak in the atmosphere and sun. United Guides Egypt Day Tours.
  • United Guides Travel Egypt Day Tours With us you can explore the Philae temple which was built in 690 AD to honor the goddess Isis.
  • Watch Luxor Temple get illuminated at night with Egypt Day Tours.
  • United Guides Travel Egypt Tours we take you to Check out the Temple of Hatshepsut.
  • See the royal tombs of all the kings and high officials which have been cut into the rock valley, at the Valley of the Kings.
  • Gaze at the grandeur of the Muhammad Ali Mosque with United Guides Travel Egypt Day Tours. One of the most well-preserved iconic Islamic sites in Cairo.
  • Visit and swim in the sea at Dahab with United Guides Travel Egypt Tours. Give the Sphinx a cheeky kiss, we dare you! Book Now! With Our Egypt Day Tours!

Most Popular Day Tours:
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Why Book With United Guides Travel Egypt Day Tours?

We Offer  Flexible itineraries Egypt Tours – Competitive Prices Egypt Day Tours – Excellent Customer Service With Our Egypt ToursFacilitated Payment Egypt Day Tours – We Assure You A Unique And Insightful Experience At Egypt Tours. Book Now! With Our Egypt Day Tours!



Back To Egypt Day Tours is One Of The Leading Figures And Key Players in The Tourism industry That Offers A Wide Array Of Benefits To its Clientele. Ensuring That Your Day Tours.

With us is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you longing for more.

Here are a couple of reasons why United Guides Travel Egypt Day Tours should be your default to-go travel companion.

United guides travel Egypt Day Tours take you on a tour through time to the amazing lands of the pharaohs, pyramids, mummies, and treasure-filled ancient tombs.

Our Egypt Day Tours packages provide a unique opportunity to find yourself immersed in ancient Egyptian history.

Witness some of the greatest monuments on earth and face the ancient glory of the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

Walk through the Valley of the Kings, pay your respects to Cleopatra, and roam the bustling markets. Egypt Day Tours offers much more.

Along with its phenomenal history and culture, Egypt Day Tours offers much more. From sailing on the life-giving Nile to hot air ballooning over Luxor.

Our Egypt Tours packages provide a unique opportunity to find yourself immersed in ancient Egyptian history.

From the lively coral reefs of the Red Sea to the magnificent rock formations of Mt. Sinai…Egypt will captivate and amaze you with each step in this tour.

A group tour to Egypt Tours is to experience the heartbeat of the Egyptian culture and history on an adventure with like-minded travelers.

One cannot imagine the marvels awaiting in Egypt Day Tours, you must simply experience it.

United Guides Travel, Egypt Tours offers much more. Egypt is a country that you can visit at any time of the year as it offers plenty of sunshine and minimal rain however, the ideal months to visit Egypt are from September to November and March to May as the weather is mild and the temperatures are pleasant.

The summer months which are from June to August usually mean that the temperatures get very high.

United guides travel Egypt Day Tours will make all your dreams come true by offering affordable Egypt Tours to all of Egypt’s most beautiful sights and well-known cities.

Our professional staff at Egypt Tours will guide you through the mysteries of such an ancient and enigmatic civilization.

Allowing you to visit all of Egypt’s sites as well as learn about the Great Pyramid Day Tours, which was constructed thousands of years ago.

And great discoveries such as the magnificent base of the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Check Your Egypt Tours Now.

Egypt Day Tours with us we can Visit Egypt to learn about the glory of the civilization after the global crisis of the COVID-19.

The Giza pyramids and the Egyptian Museum Egypt Day Tours, as well as all the touristic and archeological sightseeing are now welcoming visitors from all over the world.

With us, you will experience a different meaning of the ordinary Egypt Tours. Check Your Egypt Day Tours


Egypt Tours We offer you some of the best tour programs as stated by our clients who already enjoyed Egypt’s best day tours during the past years.

We also organize great and full of fun Egypt Excursions like Egypt Tours. check our excursions and tours with decent prices in addition to Tours from the airport and Cairo Layover Tours. Book Now! With Our Egypt Day Tours!

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“A Tour to remember”​ We offer Egypt Day Tours to all destinations in Egypt Cairo Day Tours, Luxor Day Tours, Aswan Day Tours, Sharm el-Sheikh Day Tours, Alexandria Day Tours, Marsa Alam Day Tours, Makadi, Book with Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


Top Rated Egypt Cairo Day Tours –Best Egypt Excursion Cairo Day Tours·


If you ever find yourself in Egypt, we offer at United Guides Travel  Egypt Cairo Day Tours there are always many exciting tours you can go on.


Cairo Day Tours We offer a wide variety of Egypt Tours to many cities and places from any location in Egypt.


Spend a day tour in Cairo with United Guides Travel Egypt Cairo Day Tours in Cairo exploring the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, and much more.


Take A Day Tours to Luxor and visit the biggest open-air museum there, Karnak Temple & Valley of the Kings.


Through our Aswan tours, discover Aswan’s main attractions such as Philae Temple and Abu Simple Temple tours.



United guides Travel Egypt Day Tours we also have tours that will give you the chance to wonder at the water of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea by going on tours to Alexandria Egypt Day Tours, Hurghada Egypt Day Tours, or Sharm El-Sheikh Egypt Day Tours.


We offer a comprehensive selection of Egypt Day Tours to suit every traveler with Our Egypt Day Tours.

Egypt Day Tours are also specialized in organizing the most adventurous Cairo Stopover Transit Tour that takes you privately to explore the tour to Giza Pyramids.


And discover the mysterious spots of Saqqara that makes you want to learn more about the culture and the civilization, and also visits the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid in Dahshur.


Visit the special variety of Cairo private tours that includes The Egyptian Museum Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


You can also book a day tour to the Coptic Cairo tours. where all the religious and most beautiful touristic sightseeings are.


Our professional Egyptologists will accompany you during your Aswan Day Tours Excursions and Luxor Day Tours as you can explore ancient Thebes starting with the Valley of the kings and the West Bank of Luxor tour, as well as Karnak temple and Luxor temple.


United Guides Travel Egypt Day Tours extend to cover the temple of Edfu of God Horus the falcon, Kom Ombo temple, and Abu Simbel during Aswan day tours and Luxor Day tours.


The Red Sea is one of the most picturesque places you can visit in Egypt, enjoy some sea adventures and Hiking activities like Hurghada Day tours and Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours Excursions.


Book your Egypt Day Tours in order not to miss the top things to do in Egypt now!

Egypt Cairo Day Tours of Your Dreams


Egypt Tours, Daily Tours & UG Egypt Tours:


Anything is possible! We know you.


Your desires are extraordinary and you want Egypt Cairo Day Tours as you wish.


Discover Egypt Cairo Day Tours, offered with UG Egypt Tours are different If you are coming to Egypt and you don’t know where to go and need a special and untraditional place.


Do you need an activity or a day that delights you a little in Egypt Cairo Day Tours? or maybe you are fed up with the traditional and lifeless ways and activities of visiting Egypt.


No worries we care about you, and we made Egypt Tours for you.


Book Egypt Tours now in Egypt if you need to take a break and do something interesting during your Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


UG Egypt Tours offer you a variety of Egypt Cairo Day Tours in every interesting city in the country.


Each city has its own flavor, history, and activities to meet your need for joy and interest.


Whether it was a shore excursion Tour or a sightseeing one at Egypt Cairo Day Tours, you will be impressed by how you see Egypt with your eyes.


UG Cairo Day Tours offer all kinds of Egypt day Tours and Excursions in every city in Egypt to meet your interests and budget.


How Can UG Egypt Cairo Day Tours Help?


Why do I book with your Egypt Cairo Day Tours?


UG Egypt Cairo Day Tours is one of the leading in the Egyptian tourism industry and UG Egypt Tours has an experience in Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


In UG Egypt Tours offers very special care and personal touch to our clients during our Egypt Cairo Day Tours making them feel at home with their families.


At Egypt Cairo Day Tours, there is a Great and high-quality service to ensure that your Egypt Cairo Day Tours with UG Egypt Tours is one of a lifetime.


In addition, at UG Egypt Tours, the commonly known reasons such as our customer’s feedback and testimonials during our Egypt Cairo Day Tours, competitive prices in Egypt Tours– excellent customer service, punctuality.


Most important of all, safety and enjoying every minute of your Egypt Tours are our priorities, With UG Egypt Cairo Day Tours, you are in a safe hand.


Can I drink Tap water in Egypt Cairo Day Tours?


Drink the tap water – it is highly chlorinated.


However, with enough time during Egypt Cairo Day Tours, you could potentially grow accustomed to the water.


This doesn’t mean that the tap water is polluted, it simply means that you are not used to it, and you might get stomach problems while your Tours in Egypt Tours.


It is advisable to drink Bottled water during your Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


That is why it is strongly advisable that you don’t drink tap water during your Egypt Cairo Day Tours and use it only for washing and brushing your teeth.


What is the best time to visit Egypt in Egypt Cairo Day Tours 2022?


From September until March is a nice time for Egypt Tours.


It is the perfect time when the weather is good and mild at Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


From September until mid-November, when it is very nice in Egypt Tours and the temperatures are pleasant for Egypt Cairo Day Tours – around 25 C to 15 C.


During Egypt Tours, mid-Nov until the end of February is wintertime when temperatures during the day are around 12 or 15 C, and at night can drop to about 7 or 8 C.


In March and April, the weather is still so nice and travelers can enjoy Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


From May to September is the summer season, spending summertime in a desert climate does appeal to most travelers while Egypt Tours.


summer is hot in Egypt Cairo Day Tours; prices go down and it is a good chance for travelers with a tight budget.


What is the weather in Egypt while your Egypt Cairo Day Tours?


It is usually hot and sunny during Egypt Tours.


In addition, you should know before visiting Egypt Cairo Day Tours that winter falls between November and January, and the peak of the summer months is between June and August.


You should know before visiting Egypt Tours that Winters are generally mild, although temperatures can fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) at night.


In Egypt Cairo Day Tours, cairo and areas of the Nile Delta may experience a few rainy days during winter.


Is Egypt safe to go in Egypt Cairo Day Tours?


Safety and security are our first and foremost concerns in UG Egypt Tours!  Cairo Day Tours is a very safe country.


Traveling the world is a joyful experience and UG Egypt Tours wants to do its part to keep the anticipation stress-free.


What are the best things to do in Egypt Cairo Day Tours?


With UG Egypt Tours there are many things to do in Egypt Cairo Day Tours during your visit depending on your interests and character.


Cairo at Egypt Tours, Alexandria at Egypt Tours, Luxor At Egypt Cairo Day Tours, and Aswan Nile cruise at Egypt Tours must be your first priority if you are a history and culture lover.


You must visit the pyramids of Giza on Egypt Cairo Day Tours, enjoy a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan on Cairo Day Tours and enjoy visiting the most important tourist attractions in Luxor and Aswan on Egypt Day Tours.


You can visit the city of Hurghada at Egypt Day Tours, Marsa Alam at Egypt Day Tours, or the Red Sea at Egypt Day Tours.


For relaxation and enjoy many activities there such as diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, or swimming during Cairo Day Tours.


During Egypt Cairo Day Tours, you may like to go on safari tours in the western desert if you are an adventurer.


Should I go to Egypt Cairo Day Tours during summer?


The high season for tourism is all year with winter and spring being peak seasons for Egypt Cairo Day Tours with lots of sightseeing during Egypt Tours with UG Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


Weather in Egypt is perfect for many kinds of Egypt Cairo Day Tours, and if coming in June, July, and August, head for the seaside resorts at Egypt Tours.


Those months are very warm during Egypt Tours with temperatures that can reach around 45C.


The period of the high summer season is also a bit busy during Egypt Cairo Day Tours as hotels fill up with tourists from all over the world looking for a bargain, diving at Egypt Cairo Day Tours, snorkeling at Egypt Tours, etc.


If you come in the deep summer season you can still enjoy Egypt Tours because you can always sightsee early in the morning and go again at night when the sunsets.


You will definitely need good sunscreen during Egypt Cairo Day Tours and a lot of liquids to drink with a nice hat on your head during your Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


Summer is a good time for people looking for good rates in accommodation and other services at Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


What are the best tours at Egypt, Cairo Day Tours?


With UG Egypt Cairo Day Tours has many historical sites that you can visit and enjoy in Egypt Tours.


With UG Egypt Tours each tour is different and unique at Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


If you go on a Nile cruise in Egypt Cairo Day Tours, you can visit Abu Simbel at Cairo Day Tours, Aswan at Egypt Cairo Day Tours, and Luxor in the South at Cairo Day Tours.


And enjoy the temples, tombs, and the treasures of the Nile in Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


In the North, enjoy the Pyramids of Giza, The Egyptian Museum, Sakkara during your Egypt Tours with UG Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


Mosques, churches in Cairo, and many landmarks are located in the city of Alexandria that you can see during your Egypt Cairo Day Tours with UG Egypt Tours.


On the East, Enjoy a beach Tour for diving at Egypt Tours, snorkeling Egypt Cairo Day Tours, and swimming in the red sea Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


Every city has its charm, history, and flavor where you can do many Tours and activities with UG Egypt Tours at Egypt Cairo Day Tours.


How many days do you need to spend an excellent time in Egypt Cairo Day Tours?


If you are looking for great Egypt Tours and the perfect vacation at Egypt Tours, 5 to 8 days is a perfect period for a great vacation with UG Egypt Tours in Egypt Tours.


This number of days will be enough to see the main attractions with UG Egypt Day Tours of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan during your Egypt Tours.


You can visit the Pyramids of Giza at Egypt Tours, the museum and enjoy the Nile cruise Tour between Luxor and Aswan in Egypt Day Tours.


What is the best tour in the Nile River at Egypt Day Tours?


There are many Nile cruises that you can visit during your Egypt Day Tours with UG Egypt Tours.


Not to name one but your choice depends on many things to put in mind such as the number of nights you want to spend on the cruiser at Egypt  Day Tours, your budget, and the standard of the Nile cruise.


We recommend you choose a 5-star luxury Nile cruise, and if you are looking for a private Nile River cruise you can choose Dahabiya cruises with UG Egypt Day Tours, it is only for the small-group Tour, about 15 people.


There is another way of cruising the Nile, which is the Felucca boat that you can try during your Tours in Egypt Day Tours.


Best Egypt Tours and travel | Egypt Day Tours:


Egypt Tours are one of the best tourist Tours in the world and a favorite for many tourists, with many activities at Egypt Tours that will make you enjoy a perfect tour with UG Day Tours.


Never miss the chance to travel at Egypt Tours – discover with UG Egypt Tours the best tourist attractions and explore the most important Egyptian cities in Egypt Tours, each with many activities and special tourist attractions, you will find many things to do always in Egypt Day Tours.


With UG Egypt Tours: Explore ancient Cairo at Egypt Day Tours through day Tours with the best guides in UG Egypt Tours.


In UG Egypt Tours: Visit Luxor, the city of the sun, Discover pharaonic museums and temples at Egypt Day Tours, and Nile River Cruises at Egypt Tours with UG Egypt Tours.


With UG Egypt Tours: you can Felucca Ride on The Nile River in Aswan to visit the temple of Philae in Egypt Tours.


During Egypt Day Tours: Experience the Nile River on a luxurious and relaxing Nile cruise in Egypt Tours [ Cairo, Luxor, Aswan].


Hurghada Tours in Egypt Tours: A big collection of tours and activities in Hurghada in Egypt Day Tours, you can go to Safari in Egypt Tours, snorkeling in Egypt Tours, fishing and enjoy an underwater Tour through Sindbad Submarine in Egypt Tours.


With UG Egypt Tours: Visit Alexandria Museum, El Alamein City, and many important attractions in Alexandria in Egypt Day Tours.


Sharm El Sheikh Tours at Egypt Tours: Go to Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve by submarine for snorkeling in the Red Sea at Egypt Day Tours.


El Minya with UG Tours: is one of the most fascinating cities in Egypt.


It currently houses nearly six million Egyptians, and it is Egypt’s geographical and historical heart in many ways you can visit it during your Egypt Day Tours in Egypt.


The city has its religious importance because the holy family stopped there during their journey in Egypt Tours.


Taba with UG Egypt Tours: See the wonder of Egypt and book your Egypt Day Tours from Taba to visit the most popular Egyptian attractions.


Travelers can have the chance to visit the most famous attractions in Egypt during Egypt Day Tours.


We pick you up from Taba Land Border to Cairo and Alexandria. to visit top attractions and sightseeing in Egypt Day Tours. Book now your Egypt Tours from Taba Egypt.


Aswan tours in Egypt Tours: See the wonder of Egypt and book your Egypt Tours from Aswan to visit the most popular Egypt attractions with UG Egypt Tours.


Aswan is a unique city, where the ancient civilization and the splendor of nature, the beauty you can’t describe in words, that amaze you when you see it during your Egypt Tours.


Al Fayoum with UG Egypt Day Tours: Al Fayoum is one of the important tourist cities in Egypt because of its ancient history throughout the ages, including the Greek, Roman, and Pharaonic eras.


In addition, during your Egypt Tours there you will find a collection of museums, gardens, and magnificent valleys at Egypt Tours, Fayoum is one of the best-attracting visitors from inside and outside Egypt Day Tours.


Therefore, it is a great choice if you are looking for Egypt Tours.


There are many sites in Al Fayoum you can visit, like, the Pyramids of Hawara and Lahoun, The famous waterwheels, the Kim shim museum, the temple of Sobek at Karanis And more with UG Egypt tours in Egypt tours.


The most famous attraction in Al Fayoum is the national park of the Valley of the Whales (Wadi Hitan) that you can visit in our Egypt Day Tours with UG Egypt Tours.


Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the lake Qaroun and the falls of Wadi Al Rayan with us in Egypt Day Tours, book your Egypt Tours now with us.


Tanis day tours with UG Egypt Tours: Go for a one-day tour to Tanis, Egypt from Cairo with UG Egypt Tours in Egypt Day Tours you will have great adventures in our Egypt Tours.


It is the Delta capital during the 21st and 22nd dynasties with a lot of great monuments and treasures so don’t lose your chance to see this beauty and book your Tours now with UG Egypt Tours in Egypt Day Tours.


See the wonder of Egypt and visit Tanis from Cairo in our Egypt Tours, book your Egypt Day Tours now with UG Egypt Tours.


El Gouna Tours with UG Egypt Day Tours: El Gouna is a unique gem among other tourist Tours.


It has a unique location because of its proximity to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh So don’t miss the opportunity and book a Tour to El Gouna now with UG Egypt Tours in Egypt Day Tours.


With UG Egypt Tours in Egypt Tours, you can see one of the most famous tourist resorts in Egypt, and the most beautiful is a great place for entertainment and relaxing.


Choose your preference among Cairo day Tours in Egypt Tours, Giza day tours, Aswan Sightseeing Egypt Day Tours at Egypt Tours, Luxor Excursions at Egypt Day Tours, Alexandria things to do.


Hurghada tours at Egypt Tours, Sharm El Sheikh Tours, Taba holidays at Egypt Day Tours, Tanis vacations, El Minya trips, El Fayoum, El Gouna Activities, and much more with UG Egypt Tours in Egypt Day Tours.


We have a lot of Egypt Day Tours You can check them below and be sure that we have the expertise to exceed all your expectations.


So don’t lose your time and book your Egypt Day Tours now with UG Egypt Day Tours.