Your guide to Egypt Travel Tips. Egypt is probably on your list of things to do before you die, but you may be nervous about going there for several reasons. But don’t worry, because our article “Travel Tips for Egypt” has everything you need to know.

Remember! Preparing for your trip is usually a good idea, so you don’t get surprised by something you didn’t plan for.

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Inquiring about the riskiness of traveling to Egypt.

According to the book Global Law and Order 2019, Egypt is the eighth safest country in the world right now. Egypt is a safe place to visit; there is no doubt about that.

Which places in Egypt see the most visitors every year?

There are many choices for you. Egypt has a lot of beautiful places to visit, such as Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel, St. Catherine, Marsa Alam, Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Siwa, Alexandria, and Cairo.

Egypt Travel Tips
Top view of Nile in Cairo

Why can’t I do this or that in Egypt?

Although it is a safe country, we are happy to provide you with the following tips:

  • Don’t leave the hotel without a driver and a guide you can trust.

  • Don’t drive at night because many cars still don’t have their lights on.

  • Talk about how much you love someone in private.

  • Dress for the event and keep a respectful level of silence the whole time to show respect.
    Give the people who worship there the respect they deserve.

  • Politics and religion are taboo topics that you should never talk about with other people.

  • To protect the coral reefs in the Red Sea, people must avoid touching them at all costs.

  • Please don’t take pictures of other people’s things without their permission.

    Buildings for the government, police stations, and the military (you will recognize them for the guards placed in front of them).

  • Don’t book through a site that hasn’t been checked out by a trusted agency or the Traveling Safe website (e.g., North Sinai, the desert on the border with Libya).
  • Since there’s a chance that fresh food from the market wasn’t cleaned well or had contaminants, you shouldn’t buy it too often. This means that you need to buy fewer things.
  • The Nile is interesting, but you shouldn’t swim in it because the water could make you sick or give you diseases (better avoid it).
  • Make sure you’re up-to-date on all your shots and have travel insurance before you leave.
  • If you want to go abroad during your trip, you must always have your passport with you.
  • If you save some of what you earn, you can be sure that you will never run out of money (still, not all businesses have card payments).

For my trip to Egypt, what immunizations do I need?

A hepatitis A, B, or C pandemic could happen in 50 states. According to the CDC, everyone should get a shot for tetanus, typhoid, and both hepatitis A and B. There is a chance that these vaccines could protect against dangerous infections. It would help if you left the building right away and safely (safely leave the area.)

Egypt Travel Tips
man riding a camel in Pyramids of Giza

It would be great if you could get permission to go inside the pyramids.

Yes, definitely, if you buy a VIP ticket.

Do the pyramids have an entrance fee?

Visiting all three pyramids at Giza will cost you a total of 380 Egyptian Pounds (EGP), with the Great Pyramid (Khufu) costing 400 EGP and the other two pyramids costing 100 EGP each (Khafre and Menkaure).

What is the right amount to tip in Egypt?

Tipping in Egypt is not required, but it is appreciated by your tour guide, taxi driver, housekeeper, and wait staff. It’s helpful to have some Egyptian money on hand since tips are sometimes given in that currency.

The following table provides a reflective image of hypothetical guidance, according to the specifics of the current situation:

  • For 5 Egyptian Pounds, you can walk to nearby restaurants and public places.

  • Hiring a driver will cost you $5 per day.

  • A tour guide’s daily rate is just $10.

  • If you help people with their bags, you could get anywhere from $1 to $3 per hour.

  • Cleaning costs $2. (US Dollars)

  • Like Bedouins and camel riders, people who move around a lot are shown. 1 USD

  • Each member of the crew will cost you $30.

  • between 5 and 20 Egyptian pounds

  • A 10% tip is the right amount to give the waiter.

Egypt Travel Tips
El Hussein street

Is it possible to get drunk in Egypt?

You can drink alcohol, but only in licensed businesses or private homes. Since many Coptic Christians live in Egypt, it’s not hard to find bars and restaurants serving alcohol. Don’t drink and walk; don’t let anyone see you drinking in public.

Is it okay in Egypt to hold hands?

It’s not rude to walk together, but it is disrespectful to make out in public, especially to kiss.

Can you brush your teeth with water from the tap in Egypt?

If you can help it, don’t touch the sink’s faucet. In the meantime, water filters are always getting better at what they do.

Can I get food from Egypt here?

You can, in fact. In fact, one of the best things to do in Egypt is to eat traditional Egyptian food. People often say that Egyptian food is some of the best in the whole Middle East.

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Is the water in Egypt safe to drink?

When I found out, it hurt my sense of self. You should be ready for the chance that you will get sick while you are in Egypt. We think it’s vital that you pay close attention to how clean the dining rooms are and that all of the food, especially fruits and vegetables, is well-cleaned before it’s served. It would help if you did everything possible to keep ice from getting into your drinks. Drink only bottled water and other beverages that aren’t from the tap.

How to Dress Like an Egyptian?

Even if there aren’t any absolute limits, it feels like you can’t go to religious sites. When you go to a place of worship, please wear clothes that don’t make it hard for you to move around (both for men and women). Women must always wear a headscarf, long sleeves, and pants or skirts that reach or go above the ankles. When not in public, women should wear clothes that are not too short or wide. That means they shouldn’t be too stiff and a little bit see-through.

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Can you wear shorts and leggings in Egypt?

Egyptian women do wear these clothes sometimes, but they always make sure to wear a very long shirt over their leggings.

I was wondering if it was okay to wear shorts in Cairo.

There is no rule against it, but if you do it, you’ll probably get a lot of looks, which could get annoying.

If I want to shop in Egypt, where should I go?

If you don’t want to get ripped off when you buy something made in China, you need to be very careful. Instead of purchasing mass-produced items from other places, you should buy things made in the area to help out local artisans. Some examples are pottery, mother-of-pearl, and alabaster (always check with the traders that they are local products). If you can pay for it, you should get some Egyptian cotton (among the best in the world). In Egypt, you must buy lots of spices, soap, and perfume (olive oil is perfect). You can get henna designs here if you want to put them on yourself.

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