When in Cairo, you must check out the Egyptian Museum.

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Historically Speaking, the Ancient Museum

Egyptian Museum
Amazing top view of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir

You should visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo if you are in Egypt, and you might find the museum there.

It goes back more than 3,000 years, from Egypt’s Old Kingdom to the time when the Romans were in charge. Everyone who goes to Egypt should make sure to see it.

If you only spent one minute at each exhibit, it would take you nine months to see everything in this museum.

Even if most of the exhibits aren’t set up or lit in the best way, you should still plan to spend at least one and preferably two mornings there.

The exhibitions on the ground floor are set up by theme; you can see them all clockwise around the spiral in the foyer. The exhibits are set up on the ground floor according to when they were made.

Features on the Ground

Egyptian Museum
Inside Egyptian Museum

The Narmer Palette, which shows how King Menes united Egypt, and the oldest statue in the museum, a seated King Zoser found next to his step pyramid at Saqqara, both honor the beginnings of Egyptian art. The Narmer Palette and a statue of King Zoser sitting down were both found in the Saqqara area. The Narmer Palette can be seen in Egypt at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The Narmer Palette is an old object honoring King Menes for uniting Egypt.

The towering black figure of Khafre, who is said to have built the pyramid, and the enormous wooden sculpture of Sheikh al Balad, also called the Village Chief, are also works of art. Sheikh al Balad is the community leader and goes by both names.
Two beautiful sculptures of the Egyptian musicians Rahotep and Nofret stand out in the area. Even though the sculptures are ancient, their bright colors are still in great shape.

The statue of Seneb and his wife looks even stranger when you think about how the dwarf is hiding the fact that he has short legs by putting his children in front of him.

In Luxor’s Deir al Bahari, in a chapel of the Hatshepsut Temple, you can see some of the enormous statues of the Egyptian cow goddess Hathor. These sculptures can be found in the Valley of the Queens.
Some of the most impressive things in the museum are displays of real-life art from the time of the defiant Pharaoh Akhenaton. You might see this show on the second level.

The first level serves as the building’s primary entrance.

Egyptian Museum
Entrance to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir

There are many exciting things on display, but by far, the most popular are the treasures of Tutankhamun. But the Tutankhamun collection is still the one people come to see the most.

Howard Carter, an English archaeologist who lived from 1874 to 1939, found the full tomb of one of the kings in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. Even though he only ruled for nine years, he became well-known. Many shiny things were put on his grave to help him in the next life.

Carter, who was king for nine years, married Akhenaton’s daughter.

You’ll likely have to wait in Room 3 for a while before you can win the grand prize.

The story of Tutankhamun is fascinating, from his solid-gold death mask with semiprecious stones to his gilded tomb and priceless belongings.

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The mummies of famous Egyptians like Seti I, Ramses II, and Tuthmosis II are in Room 56 of the Egyptian Museum.

Inventions that are the best of all

– Since most tour buses don’t start coming to the museum until around 10 a.m., you might be able to avoid the crowds if you don’t get there around that time.

Because there are so many things to do, you should plan to spend at least two full days in the park.

Except for the Greco-Roman art in Room 34, the displays from the Late Period on the east wing of the ground floor are the least interesting in the museum.

The same could be said about the coffins on the ground floor facing west and in the back of the building (except Room 14).

hidden treasures:

Egyptian Museum
Top view inside Egyptian Museum

The mummies from the Greco-Roman era are in Room 14 on the ground floor of the building. This is a fantastic group of things. No one knew now that each of the dead wore a face mask that had been carefully painted with intricate designs. If you go to Egypt, you can’t avoid visiting the museum.

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