Online search for Egypt Tours 2021 could be confusing with all the propaganda that posted on different channels. And making the right choose could be more challenging with the limited budgets vs the so many choices. In this post we will share with you some best practices while choosing your Egypt destination and the tour type that suites you in every way.

Egypt Group Packages

1- What are the best Tour Destinations in Egypt?

Answering this questions is based on your purpose of Travel to Egypt in 2021. Yet there is a common purpose for every one, which is Egypt History and culture, so of Course Cairo and Luxor must be on your list. If you are looking to mix this with a luxurious experience without spending your last dollar, the full-board Nile cruise will be your choice. Our Cairo & Nile Cruise Package could be your best option.

If you are a family, and looking to enjoy it all and take your children to the beach at the end, we have customized a family-friendly 11 Day Cairo, Nile Cruise and Sharm El Sheikh Holidays for you. But if you are looking for a country experience with a limited budget, you should be look for something that matches your interest and pocket, and we have included some appealing tour options with our Egypt Adventure Packages.

Reliable tours 2021


2- How to choose reliable Tours in Egypt 2021?

Many of the offers you find online are made by scammers and not all of them are actual travel companies, yet some of the reliable tour operators and travel companies offer tours with sky-high prices. So a reliable Travel company is the one that takes in consideration your travel style and budget to come out with the best interest for you. UG Travel Egypt has finally acquired their official license after so many years of monopoly by capitalists companies, 93 tour guides with 10+ years in the industry have united and kept fighting for their dream till they achieved it after all.

We speak your language and have what it takes to make your Travel to Egypt the best experience ever.

We have decided to put you first and invest experience in the right direction. What could be more reliable than a group of people running their own business and make their decision based on your interest and their reputation? Your trip is your decision and your satisfaction is our job.

First Company owned by Tour Guides:

Since the 4os of last century, Egyptian tour guides have played a main role in the success and development of tourism industry in Egypt and the region, and they were recognized as the best guides in the area and worldwide, the main reason behind the excellence of guiding service is their passion to their country and its history. Yet the industry was Acquired by capitalists for so many years.

The Arab Springs has evoked Egyptian Tour Guides to follow their dream of owning their travel company. Despite the challenges that they face, Egyptian Tour Guides united to put years of experience together, and in 2018 they started their plan to run a business themselves. After so many humps and bumps they finally managed to buy a registered license. Finally we were recognized nationwide after all depression and destructive criticism. December 2020 has been a month of recognition for  UG Travel and their entity United Guides Co.

What Local media say about us:

” Tour guides realize the dream of the nineties to support Egypt’s tourism to the world ” by Rosa Elyoussef

” The inauguration of the first tourism investment company by 93 Egyptian guides “by Soaa News

” Tour guides fulfill the dream of the nineties after 30 years .. UG travel supports tourism ” by Athar Masr

” Tourist guides in Egypt launched their own company for tourism investment and project development, for the first time in the history of the tourist guide profession ” by Cash News Agency

” For the first time, tourist guides inaugurated a private tourism investment company” by Misry Post