Because of where it is, the Kalabsha Temple makes it easy to get to Aswan.

When it became clear that the Temple of Kalabsha had to be moved to keep it from being flooded, it was clear that the Nubians had built it.

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Kalabsha Temple
Temple of Kalabsha next to the Aswan Nile River

The beaches around Lake Nasser are close to both Aswan and the High Dam, making them easy to get to by car, cruise ship, or other means.


Kalabsha Temple
Entrance to Kalabsha Temple

The massive Temple of Kalabsha is at the western end of Lake Nasser, near where the High Dam ends on the lake’s western shore. At low tide, it looks like a small island, but when the tide is high, it seems like a giant peninsula.

There is a graveyard of boats and fish bones everywhere, making the place even sadder.

The first Great Temple building was in Talmis, now called Kalabsha. She was settled 50 kilometers south of Aswan. In the 1970s, it was separated into 13,000 pieces as part of the Great Sphinx Project. Those pieces, along with other Nubian monuments, were put back together here.

People mean that site when they talk about the temple by its original name, “Kalabsha.” The main shrine is for the goddess Mandulis, but the two side altars came from different parts of Nubia. There is no way to connect the temple to the other two buildings.

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