The city and the largest oasis in the region bear the name Kharga Oasis, and it is the seat of government for the New Valley Governorate. Also, most people live there, which makes it an oasis for most people. This is the most convenient option as it is close to the Nile Valley and easy for travelers to reach from Luxor. Most of the city’s population lives in the central business district, which is full of modern buildings and in which there are many people (about 70,000 people).

As soon as you enter, you can smell the strong scent of dates, and palm trees are lined up in neat rows throughout the building (which are date palms). Although Kharga is a large, crowded, modern city, there are still parts of it that enjoy the natural beauty of the desert. Many skilled artisans live in Kharga, and the pottery they make there is sold worldwide.

People who want to learn more about how ceramics are made can go to the pottery factory in the palace, which is the central city in the area, and this will give them a chance to watch how the pottery is made. The lively Kharga market, also called a bazaar, is located across the busy square of Al Qasr City, which is located in the southern part of the city. You’ll find some of the best deals here, so don’t miss them.

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Kharga Oasis:

Kharga Oasis
Qasr Al Zayan Temple in Kharga Oasis

In the time of the Romans, Kharga was the center of many important events and activities. Artifacts are from different times, some ancient and some newer. Since the first camel was tamed around 500 BC, travelers from Sudan on the Forty-Day Road went to Kharga as their last stop, and this shows how important the city was to the trade that continued in East Africa. Even in modern times, large groups of camels still make the journey, and most of the animals in Cairo have died from their injuries.

the Bhagwat Church:

Kharga Oasis
Temple of Ghweita in Kharga oasis

It was said that the treasures were hidden atop the Bhagwat Church. The search for these treasures was successful. In this photo, you can see that one of the Christian cemeteries has an arched roof. People tend to think this cemetery is one of the best preserved in the world. Besides 263 beautiful cemeteries, the grounds also include several churches. My main interest is the art on top of the building.

Find the image of Jesus and Mary with their faces resting on top of the stars that make up the zodiac. The first copy of this pattern was given to the Temple of Dendera in 1820. However, it is no longer on display there. It was first made in Egypt during the Ptolemaic era before the Christians came to power. There was a museum in Dendera temple, but it is now closed because it needs repair.

Although these two religions look very different, they have some similarities. A character made up of words called Ain Umm Dabdeeb. The beautiful Citadel of Ain Umm Dabdib is located about 40 kilometers north of the critical city of Qasr Al-Kharga. The Romans built this massive structure in the first place, and since then, it has never been left for any reason.

This beautiful spot is located at the bottom of a cliff but still 220 meters above the desert below. There are a lot of broken and smashed pots everywhere. Besides artifacts from the Islamic era, there are also objects from the Christian and Roman periods and earlier generations. Some of the world’s most beautiful architecture and natural landmarks are in Paris and Egypt.

People often think that the city of Paris, located in Kharga, is named after the city of Paris in France. This is likely indicative of the pervasive sense of humor in Egyptian culture. When Hassan Fathy, a well-known architect, heard that old Paris was to be demolished, he thought it would be a good idea to build an eco-friendly community there. This new area is now called “New Paris.”

When the inhabitants of New Paris were relocated, they did not adapt well. Because of this, the once-crowded city is now empty. The New Baris design is one of the few examples of a beautiful, well-thought-out product that doesn’t do what it was meant to do.

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