You’ll find Lake Nasser in Egypt.

Lake Nasser is in Egypt and is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world.

Egypt takes the northern half, and Sudan takes the southern half (the remaining 13 percent).

Because of the destructive floods on the Nile River, many people in Sudan have fled to the area often called Lake Nubia.

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Lake Nasser
Nile Cruise is Sailing in Lake Nasser

From Aswan, it takes about three hours to drive to Abu Simbel. From Luxor, it takes about six hours. From Cairo, it takes about an hour to fly to Abu Simbel. On the shores of Lake Nasser is the old city of Abu Simbel.

Contextual information first

Lake Nasser
Abu Simbel surrounded by Lake Nasser

People who had lived along the Nile for thousands of years were forced to move when the river was dammed, and a lake was made. More importantly, they lost a big part of their cultural heritage. When the project was over, there was an immediate and unavoidable effect on the environment.

But with the help of the international community and several non-governmental organizations, many historical sites were moved to places with more dry land (NGOs).

The Kalabsha Temple to the Mandalas is one of these places. If you look in that direction, you might find it.

It is a healing temple dedicated to the Nubian fertility god Marul. Its walls are covered with sculptures that date back thousands of years but still have a very modern feel to them (Mandulis in Greek)

During their separate times in charge, the Ptolemies and the Romans who ruled Egypt did much maintenance and repair work.

The little rock-cut Temple of Beit al-Wali is across the street from the beautiful Ptolemaic Kiosk of Kertassi.

Ramses II leading his troops into battle against a group of rebellious Nubians is carved in relief on the building.

The only temple complexes that can be visited are in Wadi al Sebua, Dakka, and Amanda. Even though they are in more remote areas, each place is fascinating.

Since new roads have been built in both places, it is now harder to get from the cruise ship to the site of the Qasr Ibrim fortress by car.

As word of the lake’s beauty spreads, more and more fishermen come to catch the elusive tiger fish and the vast Nile perch, the biggest freshwater fish almost anywhere in the world.

On Lake Nasser, there are now many international fishing tournaments that happen every year. This may be mainly due to how quickly and dramatically the fishing industry has grown there. Because there are more and more fishermen in the area, events like these are needed.

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