Luxor museum  Is Located On the corniche road half a mile downstream from Luxor temple, open from to 1 pm and again from 4 pm to 10 pm admission is 50Usd )

This is a lovely Museum, it is everything that the great museum of antiquities in Cairo is not, it is a brand –new spacious, well-lit, and displays only a few pieces, though each artifact is choice indeed, spend a tranquil hour or two.
Luxor museum is an educational opportunity where you can watch the change in art styles beginning with the middle kingdom, The museum was opened in 1975, The museum building was designed by the Egyptian architect; Mohamed El-Hakim. The main hall of the museum consists of two levels with spiral corridors linking the levels together, pieces are arranged chronologically, especially fine from the middle kingdom are the heads of senusert I and senusert III,compare these with the faces of Hatshepsut and thothmosesIII .the former show more character (note the sensitive mouths and expressive eyelids)the latter are as fine but more formal with their secret smiles.
The striding statue (now, however, without legs)in smooth gray stone of thothmoses III is a new kingdom classic. then comes AmunhotepIII with more realistic features: his face is round, his body is squat with hardly a neck his upper lip protrudes. (see, too the greatest statue of his vizier Amun-hotep, son of hapu, seated as a scribe, with age wrinkles.)

A break comes with his son Akhenaten, who started a new style. A long case in the center of the second floor holds blocks from a temple of his at Karnak, faces become shapes pointed chins, thick lips, sloping brows pointed skulls, the climax of this exaggeration shows in the giant statue faces of Akhenaten .then in the sphinx of tut, a face is rendered again in Egyptian style, though with thick lips, Tutankhamun statue may be closer to actual appearance of Akhnaten than his own, extremely stylized, the museum owns a few other things from tut ankh Amun tomb, some arrows, two model boats and two pairs of sandals, The most important thing is the Mummy of Ahmos together with RamsisI which were exhibited since September 2004,Get excited by walking inside amazing Luxor museum while you are in Luxor.