Pompey Pillar, You can see the well-known Column of Ptolemy in Alexandria.

It is a towering reminder of the glory of the Roman Empire that stands in the middle of Alexandria.

People often call this place of interest “Pompey’s Pillar,” but its real name is “Forum of Pompey.”

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Pompey Pillar
Pompey’s Pillar in Alexandria Egypt

It takes about three hours to get from Cairo to Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city and an old Roman port. Either by car or by train, it’s easy to get to and from Alexandria.

From Pompey’s Pillar, near Alexandria’s central Corniche, the city center is just a short walk away (seafront).


Pompey Pillar
Pompey Pillar

Pompey’s Pillar is a well-known building that can be seen on a ridge of limestone about 25 meters high.

When Diocletian’s horse fell and got hurt, he couldn’t keep his promise to kill everyone in the city “until their blood touched his horse’s knees.” Because of this, a red granite column in Alexandria is called Pompey’s Pillar.

In 297 AD, a Corinthian column was built in Alexandria to honor Diocletian for putting down a revolt there.

It could have come from Cleopatra’s “Daughter Library” at the Serapis Temple next to it. The 42,800 books in this library were saved when Christian rioters in 391 destroyed the Mother Library.

It’s too bad that the only things left of the site are three tunnels where the holy Apis bulls were buried, a Nilometer, and a few deep cisterns. This is the case because the people who lived there before were killed.

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