You can visit the historic Ben-Ezra Synagogue in Cairo, Egypt’s capital city.

Ben Ezra Synagogue
Ben Ezra Synagogue in Coptic Cairo

Christians used to live in the Coptic neighborhood of Cairo, but now Jews live there, and the Ben Ezra Synagogue is there. Several names are used for Old Cairo, where many Copts live.

It is a holy place where Jews from all over the world go to pray.

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Ben Ezra Synagogue
Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo Egypt

Old Coptic Cairo is one of the city’s most accessible places to get to. It has several interesting and charming neighborhoods that are just over a half-walk hours from the financial center.

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Ben Ezra Synagogue
Ben Ezra Synagogue Buildingfrom Outside

The Ben-Ezra Synagogue is next to the Church of Saint Barbara and east of the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus. There isn’t much space between these two places of worship. Also, the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus is east of this place.

In the end, the church was sold to Jewish people because Patriarch Michael III turned down Ahmed Ibn Tulun’s offer to give the church back to the Coptic community in exchange for cash. What happened here was directly caused by Patriarch Michael III turning down the offer.

It was Cairo’s first synagogue, so it became where many valuable Jewish books and scrolls were kept. The Cairo Public Library has these books right now.
It was also called the Synagogue of the Palestinians because that was where the baby Moses was said to have been found.
Many important archives may now be kept in Cambridge, England, where they were saved. Wise young Jews who live in the area learn from them.

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