The Great Library of Alexandria holds a wealth of information.

  • Where in Alexandria can I find out when the public library opens and where it is?

  • We don’t know when or who opened the doors to the Great Library of Alexandria, but we do know it happened.

  • Does the modern world still need a library like the Bibliotheca Alexandrina?

  • When and why did the library in Alexandria burn down?

  • When and why did the New Bibliotheca of Alexandria open? What does that mean, in simple language?

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One of the oldest signs that people lived in one place is the Ancient Civilization of the Pharos. They were Egyptians because they lived in Egypt.

But the Great Library of Alexandria, which is currently being fixed up and will be called the “New Alexandria Library,” is one of history’s most important and exciting places. When the library is done being fixed up, it will be called the “New Alexandria Library.”

We are located in Alexandria, a lovely coastal city with a lot to offer.

A lot of tourists go to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt.

By 2022, the Alexandria Library will be part of all Nile cruises and vacation packages to Egypt. Today, some of our employees who know the most about the site will answer questions that are often asked.

Do you know where the Alexandria Library is?

Great Library of Alexandria
Bench book inside Great Library of Alexandria

Without a doubt, the first thing that comes to mind is where this vast library is.

City everyone who visits falls in love with Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, which is home to Alexandria, the country’s second-largest city. It was first called “Captivating City” in the language of the people who lived there.

The Library of Alexandria, which used to be called Bibliotheca Alexandrina, opened to the public again on October 16, 2002, after being closed for major repairs.

When and who opened the doors to the Great Library of Alexandria?

After the Great Library was successful, the first Alexandria Bibliotheca was started, which led to the second Alexandria Bibliotheca.

The more significant and critical Mouseion was built in honor of the Muses, and these buildings were a part of it. The Muses were the names of nine different gods of art.

The Mouseion was thought up by Demetrius of Phalerum, a politician who had been kicked out of Athens and was living there at the time.

It wasn’t built until Ptolemy II Philadelphus was king.

During its heyday, Alexandria was known as the “Capital of Knowledge” and the “Cultural Hub of the Mediterranean.” These names came from the Great Library of Alexandria, the city’s most famous landmark.

Eratosthenes of Cyrene, who figured out how big the Earth was, and Zenodotus of Ephesus, who standardized the text of Homer’s poetry, along with many other scholars of their time, all thought of the city as a place where people went to learn.

But the common idea that the Library burned down in one day is inaccurate. The Library has been slowly falling apart for a long time, but the expulsion of Alexandria’s smart people as early as 145 BC seems to have sped up the process.

No one would have ever heard of the Great Library of Alexandria.

In 2002, the goal of restoring the Alexandria Library had reached thanks to an idea by Lotfy Dowidar and a request by the Egyptian government to the executive board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to do a feasibility assessment for the project. The study’s results showed that the task could be done.

It’s becoming an extensive library and cultural center again.

Does the Bibliotheca Alexandrina have a place in the world today?

Great Library of Alexandria
Amazing top view of Great Library of Alexandria

Throughout its history, the library has been where people from all walks of life and education levels meet, leading to several world-changing ideas. So, the following factors make the library more critical:

Initially, the library was not associated with any one way of thinking; therefore, anyone can use it for anything.

Visitors do not have to make any donations to use the Great Library of Alexandria and don’t even have to pay for hotel staff or meals.

Second, the academics, poets, and writers who helped with the project were thanked in a book called Pinakes. It contained a list of their names and the works to which they contributed.

The third idea is that the Library of Alexandria in Egypt is the source of many intellectual achievements of the time.

One way to solve this problem is the clever Archimedes screw, which moves water from lower areas to higher irrigation channels.

Most people think that the idea of ​​using this tool is the way the Nile River floods and dries up over and over again.

The Taha Hussein Library for the Blind is one of the rare book collections that can only be found in the Library of Alexandria. It also gives you access to an extensive library of movies, books, and digital content.

This building is where people can learn, where historical records can be kept safely, and where information can be found.

Several events in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina celebrate books, films, and other forms of popular culture.

Who told the Library of Alexandria to be destroyed, and why did they do it?

Great Library of Alexandria
Top view inside the Great Library of Alexandria

The loss of the Great Library of Alexandria is undoubtedly one of the saddest things ever happening to people.

There is no information about when, where, or who started the fire.

During Caesar’s Civil War in 48 B.C., a fire destroyed part of the Library. The Library was a warehouse near the Docks that stored grain and books.

Most people think the first time the Library of Alexandria was destroyed was during the Roman Principate when the city’s status and importance were not as high as they are now.

In 272 A.D., the Library was burned down as part of Queen Zenobia’s plan to take back Alexandria. It was the first time in the long history of the city that violence had eradicated it.

Since there were other successful and well-known libraries in the area, the Roman Empire could buy less grain from Alexandria.

The Library was destroyed for the second time in history in 297 A.D. when the Roman emperor Diocletian led an attack on Alexandria.

Is the New Bibliotheca Alexandria so important because of something in particular? In simple terms, what is it?

With its new name and logo, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina looks like the mythical bird that is said to have grown from the ashes of its ancient namesake.

When it opened on October 16, 2002, people began calling it “The New Library.” The Alexandria University Committee chose where to build the school, and many important Egyptians, including Egypt’s former president, gave money to help build it. The UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) also supported it (UNESCO).

Inside the library, you can find books, artwork, manuscripts, an antique and manuscript museum, and unique displays like the Taha Hussein Library for the Visually Impaired.

Because of this, it is very important to let you know that Bibliotheca Alexandria is in the city of Alexandria, which is on the coast. Since it was built in the first century after the common era, it has been a source of learning, growth, and new ideas.

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