One of the most beautiful mosques in the Islamic world is the Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo.

When the foundation for the Mosque of Sultan Hassan was laid in 1356, it was clear right away that there would be a lot of problems with the design because of how big the project was.

The mosque’s structure is strong enough to withstand any kind of attack. It is 150 meters long, and the land at its base is 7,906 square feet. The tower can reach a height of 68 meters, and the walls could go up to 36 meters.

As soon as the sun comes up, the intricate patterns and bright colors of the mosque’s large courtyard and grand mausoleum are revealed. This shines a light on parts of the mosque that were in the dark because there wasn’t enough light inside.

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Sultan Hassan Mosque
The Pulpit of Sultan Hassan Mosque

When you walk in, your eyes will be drawn to the dark doorway framed by liwans, then to the four walls, where a strange ablution fountain with a dome-shaped dome stands out, and finally to the ceiling, where light chains hanging from the ceiling highlight the height of the liwans and frame their red and black lips.

The Mamluks were responsible for ensuring that Sunni Islam was followed the same way by all of the liwans. Because of this, the overall cruciform shape they chose became religiously important.

The four madrassas have been put asymmetrically to keep the building’s layout on the inside. You can find these madrassas outside of the lines that Sultan Hassan set up.

This temple is different from its quickly plastered neighbors because it has a large piece of Kufic writing painted on the roof and a marble inlay that is beautifully carved. The temple looks different because of these two things.

This metal structure, made of gold and silver to look like satellites and stars, can be seen in the tomb of Hassan. The tomb is reached through this building. This door is one of the ways to get into the building, and it is to the right of the mihrab.

Sultan Hassan Mosque
Amazing top view of Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Hassan

When Baraka turned his head toward Mecca in worship, the clever way his tomb was made sure he couldn’t see his old neighborhood. We did this because we wanted him to be able to focus completely on his worship. Everything was planned out ahead of time, so this was always going to happen.

A restored dome held up by stalactite pendentives has given the tomb a new, frightening look.

All around the room are pictures of the Thuluth inscription, based on the Throne phrase from the Quran.

You may also see a koranic lectern with ivory inlays (known as a “kursi”).

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