The Temple of Kom Ombo was named after him. In Arabic, the word “Hil” is written as “Kom,” and the temple is built on a small hill overlooking the river.

A make-up line passes through the middle of the Kom Ombo temple, and on each side of this line is half of the temple. On the right side, you may see Sobek, Hathor, and Khonsu, all of whom are gods. The three deities who make up the trinity on the left side are Horus, Centenofert, and Benibtawi.

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Temple of Kom Ombo
Kom Ombo Temple next to the Egypt Nile River

The two temples in Kom Ombo are the two most popular places to visit in Egypt, and for a good reason. They are the only things of their kind in the entire country. The building was divided in the middle so that two different worship services could be set up close.

The pronaos, colonnade room, and rooms before the two lower floors have their entrance. The tower itself does not have only two doors. Contrary to what most people think, there were no other walls inside the building that could be seen except for the casket. This refutes the idea that there are two temples next to each other.

In the same way, the dual nature of Kom Ombo did not cause anyone to believe that he was a twin deity, nor did it cause the two deities who were worshiped at the same time to hate each other. Similarly, it did not make anyone believe he was a god with a twin.

Temple of Kom Ombo
Side view of the Temple of Kom Ombo

As you can see in the image above, the Ptolemies tried to regain control of Upper and Lower Egypt. They were crowned twice, once in Alexandria and once in Kom Ombo. This was done to show that they were responsible for both areas. This is true because they move back and forth between the two cities. There were problems with the temple construction due to how this method was used.

Sobek, who has the head of a crocodile, has been respected and feared by the people of Nubia since the beginning of time. Haroeris, the ancient patron of the pharaohs who held the country together, was also honored at the temple. Sobek has a crocodile-like head. Haroeris was the god who helped the pharaohs in the past. Haroeris was another well-known person in history who helped the pharaohs.

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