One of the treasures here is a small copy of the Valley Temple in Cairo.

The Valley Temple was first built in the middle of the 26th century BC. During this time, the Valley Temple became Pharaoh Khafre’s permanent home.

From then on, buildings from the Fourth Dynasty to the nineteenth century A.D. were buried to keep them in good shape.

Khafre’s Temple differs from temples built during the Fifth and Sixth dynasties because it has a unique design and isn’t as flashy as temples built during those dynasties. Because the Fifth and Sixth Dynasties came after it, this is true.

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Valley Temple
Valley Temple of Khafre

As one of Egypt’s most popular tourist spots, the Valley Temple gets a lot of visitors every year. It is one of the easiest day trips from the big city of Cairo because it is only about 30 minutes away by car. There is no big difference between the importance of this pyramid and that of the other three.


Valley Temple
Pyramid of Khafre from Valley Temple

On the east side of the pyramid was a path leading to a temple for the afterlife. This hallway led to the Valley Temple, which could be reached through a sealed door on the pyramid’s east side.

The valley temples may have had something to do with mummification and the “opening of the mouth” ceremony, in which the “ka” entered the body of the dead. In other words, this way of thinking is a certain one.

Because of this, it has come a long way and is now in a great spot. In 1852, a French Egyptologist named Auguste Mariette found the Temple. It had been hidden for hundreds of years by shifting sands, and no one had seen the Temple for a long time.

The main part of the building made of limestone can be reached from the east. It is a polished piece of Aswan granite that leads to a pier.

After walking through an unremarkable foyer that used to hold sculptures made from Chephren diorite, one comes to a hall with large architraves and square columns. It is possible that both of these design elements could be part of the same building.

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