There are a lot of good things about learning about Luxor. It is in Upper Egypt, about 700 kilometers from Cairo. The best ways to get there in terms of time and money are by plane or train with sleeping cars. Several vital sites from the time of the Pharaohs can be found in and around Luxor. In short, it was cut in half, with one side becoming the “east bank” and the other becoming the “west bank.”

The Luxor and Karnak temples on the East Bank can only be seen during the day. It takes about four and a half hours to get from Karnak to Luxor.

The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Kings, and the Colossi of Memnon are just a few sights on the West Bank that could keep you busy for a whole day. You will have time to see the Temple of Hatshepsut while on the West Bank, and you’ll be able to do it now while the chance is still there. The trip to the Valley of the Kings took two hours, but it only took fifteen minutes to get to the Colossi of Memnon.

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1) Make a show with lights and sounds at the Karnak Temple:

Things To Know About Luxor
Light and sound at Karnak Temple

On some nights, you can go to the Karnak Temple at night to see unique music and a light show.

2) Visit Edfu and Kom Ombo:

Things To Know About Luxor
Edfu Temple
  • It is easy to get to Edfu and Kom Ombo from Luxor to see the temples there.
  • The first one was built to honor the god clock.
  • When you get to the temple grounds, a chariot will take you to the temple’s main entrance.
  • People prayed to Sobek, the god of crocodiles, and Horus, the god of falcons, in the temple of Kom Ombo.

3. A balloon ride:

Things To Know About Luxor
Hot Balloon ride in Luxor

The hot air balloon will leave Luxor every day at 5:30 AM, and the time for people to check in is set the night before a flight.

4) When leaving Luxor to go to Cairo, choose

Things To Know About Luxor
Ridng a camel in Giza Complex

A flight that leaves Luxor at 6 AM and gets to Cairo at 7 AM every day makes it possible to fly to and from Cairo in one day. Before seeing the famous Giza Pyramids (Khufu, Khafre, and Mycerinus) and the Sphinx, you will eat lunch at a local restaurant.

Later in the day, you’ll have the chance to look at the Egyptian Museum’s displays and learn more about the fascinating life of the legendary boy, king Tutankhamun. After seeing everything at the Egyptian Museum, you’ll have time to look around Khan El Khalili, one of the most famous markets in the whole Middle East.

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