Valley of the Kings (Ar. Biban al Muluk, Tombs Of The Kings, or wadi al Muluk) as English a local name bestowed by inspired guesswork anther than of direct knowledge of the function of the era. The site opens 08:00 -18:00 (refreshments are available inside the valley with fees)

The first king to have his tomb cut his tomb was Tuthmosis I after which the necropolis continued in use throughout the 18*90 dynasty. The Valley of the Kings is a burial ground for pharaohs from the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties, it contains 62 tombs, not all royal, certain high officials were also buried here .some tombs are un-inscribed, others were never completed.

It consists of two main sections the East Valley (where most of the royal tombs) and the West Valley, there are two types of tombs the first, used in the early 18 density ( Tuthmosis I -Amenhotep I ), consists of a series of descending galleries by steps leading to a rock –sunk pit or well, with the dual purpose of taking off rainwater and confusing tomb robbers, beyond is an offering chamber with square columns where the king is depicted offering to the gods.

The decoration of the various tombs at the Valley of the Kings differs considerably, in the earlier tombs of the 18the dynasty, it is on a soft grey or light yellow background, as though intended to represent papyrus .the scenes in these tombs are confined to parts of the book of the Imy-Duat and the Litany of RA. In the later tombs of the 19th -20 dynasty, they are on a darker orange and have a greater number of the books of the dead including the books of the gates, the book of the caverns, the ritual of the opening of the Mouth, parts of the litany of RA, Parts of the book of divine cow and the book of day and night.   

#62 tomb of Tutankhamen: (extra ticket required) Although the tomb was robbed once, after Tutankhamen’s burial by thieves, its contents were virtually intact when it was discovered by Howard Carter,The design of Tutankhamen’s tomb is typical of that of the kings of the eighteenth dynasty. Through the door you enter a vestibule,30feet by teen the largest part of the tomb, to the right is a tiny room (now sealed) to the left is the burial room on a lower level, you can look down on the pink granite sarcophagus, protected by isis and her sister at the corners, containing one of the three original nestled coffins, this one is outermost of gilded wood. 

#9 tomb of Rameses: carved scenes cover both sides of the long entrance corridor, the left wall describes the journey of the sun at night, the right wall shows the places and the beings of the next world in the next to last room are texts from the book of dead. the final and largest room is pillared and has remains of an enormous sarcophagus in the center covering the ceiling is a dramatic scene of the sky goddess nut shown twice as a naked woman touching the earth with her hands and feet while her body arches above. Along with one of her bodies, red suns symbolize the 15 hours of the day and along the other body are the hours of the night.

#17 tomb of Seti: the king greets you on the left, while protective vultures hover on the ceiling, the wall proclaim all the attributes of the sun in pictures, just before the first pillared hall seti is the welcomed by various gods, on the pillars of the following room, Seti stands with different gods while the wall scene portrays the stages of the mysterious night journey made by the sun , when the corridor continues, it shows the resurrection ritual opening of the mouth, at its end the corridor lets into a large pillared room in which seti sarcophagus once rested .one ceiling covered by a spectacular of the zodiac sky.

What follows is a priority list of tombs. If your time is short you will see a varied sample by visiting #62 Tutankhamen, #17 Seti, #9 Ramsis | and either #34 Tuthmoses ||| # Amenhotep, recent changes in humidity have caused the closing of tombs formally open, check with guards to find which tombs remain accessible. a minimal visit to four tombs will almost take two hours .it is best to plan leisurely half-day here rather than over packing your schedule, there is a rest house for snacks and beverages.