Egypt on your own
Unquestionably making arrangements for yourself involves work, but it also carries Satisfactions, the trip will be yours tailored to your interests and a true adventure.
Your first adventure in Egypt is negotiating the Cairo airport
If you are on a tour with united guides travel, wait for your own leader to reach you to your hotel, if you are on your own this section is for you, first, find your luggage, then follow the crowd
The main terminal building will stretch ahead of you after a left turn from the arrival area you will face a row of booths usually preceded by lines, where passports and visas checked, after your passport is stamped, the terminal still awaits for you, you have to walk to the far end for transportation, but officially you are in now in Egypt.
Leave the terminal from the exit marked international arrivals, find the taxis and limousines waiting outside along with a jostling crowd eager to hire them, the Misr limousines fix prices, but taxi drivers often forget to turn their meters, which will mean and expensive charge or a long time argument, so negotiate a price for your destination before getting in.
Cairo has many fine Hotels, try for the downtown area, convenient for sights or else quiet of Giza convenient for excursions and just 25 minutes away from downtown, or hotels in 6th of October.
Nile Hilton: Deluxe (The Nile Cornish and El Tahrir Square, one block from the Museum Of Antiquities, bustling, opulent, clean, and efficiently if impersonally, managed. The Dinning rooms are grand, although the food is good. Free views over Cairo,this is the most heavily booked hotel in Cairo, single stars at 35, DBL starts At 40.
Hotel le meridian le Caire: Deluxe (on the north tip of Roda island, in the Nile ) It offers grand views and special feeling because of the island location.
Mena house oberoi : first class(End of pyramids road in Giza) Originally constructed so the empress Eugenie would have a place to stay during the festivities marking the opening of the Suez canal, it is now entirely remodeled inside and has added blocks of new rooms around the Garden, Rooms are larger in the original building than those in the garden quadrangle and you can see the majestic pyramids from the windows.
Take a walking tour through khan el Khalili. Golds remains a good buy in Egypt, One nice purchase is a gold cartouche with your name inside in hieroglyphs .gold product is sold in numerous small shops in khan el khalili bazaar
Hammered brass and copper, especially in the form of trays for end tables are also good buys in khan el Khalili .camel saddles in leather and wood are popular purchases from the bazaar you can also buy perfumes, incense, henna, and kohl.
Downtown you can buy leather and cotton goods. on Kasr el nil which runs east from the museum of antiquities, shops sell one or the other of these products.
At Night
You can watch a sound and light show at Giza Pyramids, Enjoy the opportunity to look at the lighted Pyramids and sphinx while wondering about Pharaonic. the show starts at 7.30 Pm But G Early because seats are not reserved, Do The trip yourself by taxi or book the night tour with a travel agency.
Cairo has casinos in the Hilton, Sheraton and meridian Hotels, if you want belly dancing each hotel has a cabaret, this is an art form that deserves appreciation for the virtuosity of muscle, also you can enjoy Dinner Cruise Cairo such as Nile Maxim, Steamer Andrea Memphis Maadi, Nile Crystal Cruise and more, you will enjoy belly dancer and whirling dervishes
Leaving Cairo
Cairo to Alexandria: A Round Trip To Alexandria And back to Cairo that takes in the sights of Alexandria can be purchased from a travel company, you can hire car ask your hotel for a driver, or Trains which take just over two and half hours and are clean and comfortable they leave Cairo at 8:00,9:00,11:20 A first-class Ticket in a conditioned compartment, in second class which is more crowded but it also air-conditioned .the train station is eight blocks northeast of the Hilton hotel at Midan Ramses.
Cairo To Luxor and Aswan: Although Trains are old and the trip is long(ten hours or more)The Sleeper compartments are charming, and you can arrive in Luxor or Aswan in the morning saving one night in a hotel, first and second classes are both air-conditioned but first class is private, reservations should be made several days in advance the train station is eight-block northeast of Hilton hotel at Midan Ramses.
Check with your concierge for further information Egypt air has offices In the Hilton Hotel, Shari Talaat Harb at Midan Opera And Shari Adly .
Cairo To Hurghada: Planes Leave every day at 7 am and land 50 minutes later
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