How to Apply for a Visa to Enter Egypt

When you enter Egypt, you need a visa that is stamped in your passport.

You can get a visa to enter Egypt either before you go or when you land at Cairo International Airport.

Standard Visas

Tourist visas are another type of travel permission. To get this visa at the airport, you can pay $25 at any bank. This 30-day visa can only be used once to get into Egypt. Because of this, you will need to buy a new one if you leave Egypt and then come back within the time limit.

  • The Egyptian Embassy in your home country can give you more than one copy of this visa. With this visa, you can go to Egypt more than once in the next 6 months.
  • A transit visa will be given to anyone who is not from Egypt and is just passing through the country.

Free Visa

The free entrance visa is the seal you can get when you get there. It is something that gets put in your passport. In very rare cases, the visa fee is not charged at all.

  • Any of our seaports, like Alexandria and Safaga, are open to cruise ship passengers. This stamp is proof that they went on their little trip. Since they are leaving Egypt on the same cruise ship, their stamp is good for the whole time they are there. If they come by cruise ship and leave by plane, they will need more than one visa.
  • People who take chartered planes to Sharm El Sheikh will stay there until they go home. They will not leave Sharm El Sheikh or South Sinai. If they leave Sharm El Sheikh to fly to Cairo, for example, they will need to get a visa at the airport when they arrive in Sharm El Sheikh.
  • Malaysian citizens do not need visas to visit other countries as tourists. You have 15 days to use it.

Can the services offered by Egypt vacation packages help me get a visa so I can go to Egypt?

Tourists who have signed up for one of our Egypt tours will be greeted with a warm welcome at the airport. By one of our representatives who will help you through the process of becoming an immigrant.

How can I get an Egyptian visa if I don’t live in the place where I was born?

In case the visitor is allowed to stay in another country. If he needs an Egyptian visa, he can apply for one at the Egyptian embassy or consulate in his home country, or he can buy one when he arrives at Cairo, Hurghada, or Luxor International Airport. If you don’t already have a valid resident permit, you can get a visa at the Egyptian embassy. Or the embassy or consulate of the country that gave them their passport in the first place.

How open is my visa for Sinai to letting me go to other parts of Egypt?

Visitors with a Sinai visa can go anywhere in the Sinai Peninsula, but if they want to go somewhere else in Egypt, they will need to get a new visa.

My visitor’s visa is about to run out; can I renew it?

In the centre of Cairo, at Tahrir Square, in the Mogami building, visa extensions are handled.

Can I go to Egypt as part of a trip to more than one country?

Naturally, we offer different packages that include trips to different places.

Where will my plane land at the airport in Cairo?

Which terminal you land at depends on which airline you fly. Terminal 3 is often used by flights from North America and Western Europe. Terminal 2 is used by airlines from Eastern Europe and Asia. Terminal 1 is used by airlines from Egypt, the Middle East, Africa, and the Arab world.

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