The hotel and restaurant business in Marsa Alam is growing faster than anywhere else. The city of Marsa Alam is located about 220 kilometers south of Hurghada, which is now experiencing a tourism boom because of it. For this reason, it has become one of the places along the Red Sea Riviera where people move to it faster.

Marsa Alam is a popular vacation spot for people who love to relax on the beach, swim, snorkel, or surf while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Palm trees and mangrove forests are especially noticeable on the shore of this authentic tropical paradise because they are there. It’s also a great way to start learning more. Before the construction of Marsa Alam International Airport, it was just another quiet fishing village along the Riviera. Since then, many divers and divers looking for a less touristy part of Egypt have started to go there.

Divers are there for the real treat in the Red Underwater, which has miles and miles of beautiful coral reefs and plenty of lively marine life waiting to be found. Divers can expect to see plenty of brightly colored sea creatures. Red Underwater is a paradise for divers who love to try new things, go on adventures, and find new things.

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Diving places where swimmers don’t go much:

Marsa Alam
hamata island in Marsa Alam for diving

Egypt is famous for divers who want to see what lives in the Red Sea and is also home to some of the world’s most famous historical sites. Marsa Alam has no excellent worldwide reputation, so most of its great diving spots are still mostly unknown. Therefore, people will be able to see shipwrecks, coral walls, and underwater gardens in the area in an environment that people have not changed.

People who vacation in Marsa Alam often go to the places in the city that are believed to be the best for snorkeling. This is because Marsa Alam is known for having one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the region. It is located 6.5 nautical miles (nm) off the coast of Marsa Alam and is home to a variety of marine life, such as sea turtles, reef fish, large pelagics, and other large marine species.

This is a great place for swimmers of all skill levels because the shallow northern plateau is excellent for snorkeling and the deep southern table is great for snorkeling. This is what happens because the plateau in the north is less than the plateau in the south.

Sha’ab Samadai is the name of the coral reef that can be seen bending off the southern shore of Marsa Alam. It is also known as Dolphin House in some places. The name “spinner reef” comes from the group of spinner dolphins that live on these reefs. In total, there are about sixty of them. This aquamarine lake is home to a colony of masked butterfly fish and other reef fish such as leopard grouper and lionfish.

In the Southern Hemisphere, some underwater peaks and tunnels will make brave submarine explorers want to join the adventure. Divers will have a great time exploring the unique coral paradise of Fury Shoal. Coral reefs consist of a complex network of hard coral formations home to different types of fish.

Marine fish and dolphins have been seen living on these coral reefs. You are welcome to visit the sunken sailboat and tugboat on this reef. Hotels in Marsa Alam range from three to five stars, which indicates that the city is on stable ground. This is one of the reasons why the city is more famous as a place to go on vacation and other excursions.

On your travels, you will likely pass through some dry places:

Marsa Alam
Al Nayzak Lake in Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam and the surrounding area have plenty of excursions and things to do, which make them great places for tourists who want to have a good time in the desert. Egypt is home to both Marsa Alam and the surrounding area. The resort can organize desert tours for you in a 4×4 vehicle or on a quad bike. If you are lucky, you may see an authentic Bedouin village while in the desert.

During their time in Egypt, guests can ride a camel in the desert on a full-day and a-half-day excursion. Additionally, people who live in a Bedouin community will host a barbecue and offer a variety of ways for travelers to pass the time. People say that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs mined the rocky hills southwest of Marsa Alam in the Eastern Desert for the beautiful emerald stones they used to make the jewels of the empire. In the middle of the desert, you can find these hills. The pharaohs wore this emerald as part of their crowns, and they were part of the royal jewelry they wore.

Cleopatra’s mines were the most successful and famous during that period of history. They were also called Mons Smaragdus and Emerald Mountains (Emerald Mountains). In the time of the Ptolemies and the Romans, there were mines in Wadi El-Gamal, Wadi Sket, Wadi El-Naqrs, and Jabal Zubarah.

Marsa Alam
landscape of beach in Port Ghalib in Marsa Alam

Although there is new construction around Marsa Alam, there are still ruins of the old Zabara and Sikes mining towns, temples, and ancient caverns. You can find these ruins nearby. In the same way, Egypt has many places with natural resources; the mines have things from many different cultures that have used the precious stones for thousands of years. These cultures have used precious stones. People have a lot to say about the ancient Egyptians. People interested in history could learn valuable something by going to the mines.

In the area that is now called Marsa Alam, there was once a Roman port city called Myos Hormos. Roman ruins can be found in this area, and they are some of the best-kept anywhere in the world. In addition, tourists can find up to 200 tablets with hieroglyphs written on them on the cliffs of Wadi Hammamat, another popular tourist spot. Some of the tablets are as old as 4,000 years, and they show pictures of ancient reed boats heading toward the Nile. Bethany stone is a beautiful green rock that can be used as decoration.

At first, it was considered valuable, but now people use it to mean Hammamat. The Romans were not the only ones to use the stone to make bowls, statues, and tombs, among other things. Before and after the Romans, other people used the stone. The Bethany stone was found in the tombs of pharaohs from ancient Egypt. It was used to make a lot of different things, including jewelry. The Romans then built watchtowers down the wadi, some of which are still there today.

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