Most people who have been to other deserts agree that the Siwa Oasis is the most fantastic oasis they have ever seen. Nature is beautiful and gives off a sense of peace and calm all around you.

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In that area, you might stumble upon a beautiful spot by accident:

Siwa Oasis
Salt Lakes in Siwa Oasis Egypt

From Bahariya, you can cross the desert to get to the road that goes down to Marsa Matruh on the northern coast, or you can drive through the desert to get to the road that goes to the Adrere Amellal eco-lodge in Siwa. Both of these routes are good for driving. No matter which way someone goes, they will end up in the same place.

You could also take a flight, but you would have to plan to find out when the flights leave from Cairo. Even though there aren’t any big hotel chains in the country, there are several places that can only be found there. In 2006, when King Charles III of England came to the government on business, he stayed at one of these places.

Adhere Amellal will spend the night at the Siwa Eco-Lodge. Because of its old olive groves and palm gardens, Siwa has a well-known name. It is in a part of the country where lots of salty lakes are unsuitable for fishing. Everyone in the country knows that the best and healthiest choices are olives from Siwan and bottled water. This is easy to prove since this place doesn’t cause any pollution.

At one time, two different groups of people lived on Siwa. In addition to the Swans, descended from the Berbers, Bedouins live in villages on the edge of or very close to the oasis. People think Bedouin women are more outgoing and talkative than Siwan women and like to wear brightly colored clothes.

Siwa has a lot of exciting places to visit. One of these is what’s left of Old Shali, a mud village whose people left in the 1980s because they had severe brain damage. Near where the new city of Shali is being built, it looks like an old crumbling mud pie castle.

You can walk through the dark hallways to get there, but you should take your time and be careful. In 331 BC, Alexander the Great made a trip to the Oracle of Siwa, which helped spread the word about the city. People say that when he finally got to the Oracle, he asked, “Will I rule the world?” “Will I be in charge of the whole world?” The Oracle said, “Yes, but not for long,” and that was the end of the conversation. Visitors can see what’s left of the city, Cleopatra’s pool, and the place where the Oracle is said to be. They can also look around the village’s ruins.

Siwa Handmade Goods:

Siwa Oasis
Cleopatra’s spring in Siwa Oasis

Siwa has the most extended history of arts and crafts of any oasis, especially in the primary art form of pottery. You might want to spend your money on tajin, unique ceramic pots called Saharan cooking pots. This tajin was made and baked in bread ovens instead of kilns. Most of the time, the most beautiful wedding dresses are made by women who dress more subduedly the rest of the year.

Siwa has a very long list of songs that she has recorded:

If you are a musician, you will find that the people of Siwan are skilled and independent. Swans usually have to keep up a high level of musical preparation all year long because they are expected to give intense musical performances at their four significant festivals and weddings. The most popular is the Siayha festival, which takes place in a public space far from Jebel Dakhour. During the three days of the festival, people can look forward to seeing a wide range of musical and dance performances and eating delicious food.

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